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JCK Natures Blue Moon Series

 Today we present to you a new range of traditional hammer forged knives from Sanjo City, Niigata. A region which has long been famous for its blade smiths and blacksmiths, who produce many different styles of knives, woodworking tools and other hand tools using traditional hammer forging techniques.

 The brand name we chose for these beautiful new knives is “Blue Moon”, which is青月“Seigetsu” in Japanese. This is because we felt that the unique Tsuchime (“Hammered pattern”) dimples and dark-coloured Kurouchi (“Black forged”) finish of the blade looked just like the cratered surface of the Moon.

 The knives are produced using a traditional Japanese hammer forging processes, which uses repeated blows to create steel blades that have a very fine microstructure. The core of the blades is made from Hitachi Blue Steel No.2 Japanese high carbon steel, which is sandwiched between soft stainless steel for improved corrosion resistance, and thus reduced maintenance. The knives are hand ground and sharpened, and have very good overall fit and finish.

 The oval-shaped handles are suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users. They are made of Chestnut wood and have a black resin ferrule.

 Reasonably priced, unique and reliable, these traditional-style Japanese hammer forged knives from the historic knife making city of Sanjo are now available.