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KAGAYAKI CarboNext (ES) Series

 Have you ever dreamed of being able to use carbon steel knives without worrying about discoloration and rusting?

 Can you imagine a knife that has all the advantages of a high carbon steel blade, but with improved corrosion resistance?

 Despite the popularity of high carbon stainless steel kitchen knives, many of our customers still prefer to buy knives made from carbon steel because they love its characteristics and the advantages it can provide. Carbon steel blades can achieve better edge sharpness and edge retention than many stainless steels, and they are generally easier to sharpen. However, carbon steel knives can suffer from discoloration and rusting if they are not properly cared for, and they require more maintenance than stainless steel knives.

 Our innovative KAGAYAKI CarboNext product range uses a next generation carbon tool steel that we call “CarboNext” . Our CarboNext blades allow you to enjoy all the usual advantages of traditional high carbon steels (i.e. Excellent edge sharpness, excellent edge retention and ease of sharpening), but they offer the additional benefit of improved rust resistance.

 Our KAGAYAKI CarboNext knives are offered in a range of 10 different blade types and sizes. Their blades are made of solid CarboNext special high carbon tool steel that is hardened to HRc. 59-61. The knives feature superb fit and finish, full tang construction, and comfortable black pakkawood handles. Their thin blades have a slow gradual taper and are finely ground, which results in excellent cutting performance and blade balance.

 We believe our CarboNext range provides our customers with an exciting new alternative to traditional high carbon steel knives and stainless steel knives. Because they offer greater rust resistance and ease of maintenance than regular high carbon steel knives, we particularly recommend them to fist-time users of carbon steel knives. Professionals and serious amateurs will love their superb blade geometry, cutting performance and quality construction.

 Important Information About The Care & Maintenance of CarboNext Knives
While our CarboNext knives have better rust resistance than other plain carbon steel knives, they will discolor and rust if not cared for properly. To keep your knife in good condition, please do not leave it in wet or salty conditions for a long time. After hand washing the knife, we recommend that you carefully rinse the knife with plain warm water and dry it with a clean cloth. It is important to make sure that there is no water left between the blade tang and the handle, or bolster, because this can lead to corrosion. These maintenance steps are important for all kitchen knives, including stainless steel knives, because they will eventually discolor or rust if you leave it in water or wet conditions for long time.