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SILKY Cooking Partner "MR.BLACK" Kitchen Shears

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We have been doing business with Marusyou Kogyo (The producer of Mcusta & ZANMAI Kitchen Knives) for a long time. Originally, they were renowned as a great manufacturer of Shears and the company also owns the “SILKY” brand name, which is well known for its professional-quality Shears and Saws. 

Recently, we learned about the particularly high quality and cutting performance of SILKY’s Versatile Kitchen Shears and we decided to stock some Silky Kitchen Shears and offer them to our customers.

We often receive customer requests for kitchen shears with good cutting performance and we highly recommend these SILKY Shears. Kitchen Shears are an indispensable tool for many Chefs and we have even heard that some Chefs choose to do most of their cooking preparation work  with them.

SILKY COOKING PARTNER “Mr. Black” Kitchen Shears are especially designed for busy Chefs, who need to carry out a large number of cooking and cutting tasks, day after day. The Micro-serrated stainless steel blades help immensely when carrying out everyday cutting and kitchen tasks, such as cutting crabs, meat, or vegetables. The overmolded black plastic handle loops are comfortable, durable, heat-resistant and easy to clean. These SILKY Shears also include an integrated Can & Bottle Opener (Bottle Cap Lifter) and Nutcracker.

We believe these lightweight, compact handling, very durable and versatile SILKY COOKING PARTNER “Mr. Black” Kitchen Shears can be your reliable and friendly cooking partner for long time!!!

We regret that our current regular shipping methods (DHL, Fedex and EMS International shipping) have high shipping fees, so we are unfortunately unable to accept orders for relatively low-cost accessory items, such as these Kitchen Shears, on their own. Additionally, due to the COVID-19 situation, Japan Post is not currently allowing customers to use their cost-effective international shipping method, “Postal Small Packet Air Mail shipping method”.

We apologize sincerely for the inconvenience caused by this international shipping situation. To save on shipping costs, please purchase the kitchen shears and accessory items along with a knife / knives, so they can be shipped together.

SILKY Kitchen Shears Dimensions:
Total Length: 220mm
Blade Length: 75mm
Total Weight: 110g


We regret that, due to the high cost of shipping low-priced items, it is not acceptable to order these Kitchen Shears on their own. To save on shipping costs, please purchase the Kitchen Shears along with other items that can be shipped together.


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