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Tsubaki Oil 100ml (Camellia Oil)

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Tsubaki oil is common and popular oil for maintenance of carbon steel knives. Unlike stainless steel kitchen knives, Carbon steel knives require extra attention and care for avoiding the rust and discolor. Before storing your Carbon steel knives, putting Tsubaki oil on the blade helps well for preventing rust and discolor. Recommended useful item for maintenance of carbon steel knives.

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kabbouri b.
France France
I recommend this product

tsubaki oil

Good quality product, a spécial towel to apply it would be appreciated

Robert B.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Knife Oil

This was really good oil used in my karambit knife.

mahmut h.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Guarding armour

If like me you have invested in carbon steel knives then this is the product to protect your knives specially if you are planning of storing Them for a while apply the oil let it do its magic

T. L.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Tsubaki Oil is Virtually a Necessity with High Quality Carbon Steel.

My overall experience using the JCK Tsubaki Oil on my Chinese cleaver knife blade on a daily basis has been excellent. The JCK Tsubaki Oil was originally recommended to me by Yoshie Fields of your Seattle Office when I was purchasing my Sugimoto 7 (a very high quality JCK Chinese cleaver knife that contains a very high quality carbon steel) from JCK. At the time, of course, I was new to high quality carbon steel blades such as the Sugi 7 and did not understand how quickly rust can attack the steel: rust can literally begin to form on moist carbon steel within minutes when the knife is idle. If left unprotected, the carbon steel can also absorb odors from the air and adversely affect the taste of food in preparation. Yoshie explained to me the necessity for protecting high quality carbon steel from moisture mixing with oxygen and how to use a very thin coating of an oil, like the JCK Tsubaki Oil, in order to protect the blade when the knife is not in actual use. I have been diligently applying the JCK Tsubaki Oil - ONE (1) drop on each side of the blade spread out with a piece of paper towel or soft cloth all over both sides of the knife blade - ever since, after each use and washing off of the knife. As a result, rust has never been a real problem for my Sugi and neither has "steel odor" been a problem. There have, of course, been a few times when I was slow to wash and oil the knife; and surely enough, rust can begin to show up in a few minute's time. When that happened, I had to use Bon Ami or Bartender's Friend, together with a liquid steel polisher called "Perfect Sink" to remove the rust before I washed and oiled the blade. But, if the knife is washed and oiled with the Tsubaki Oil promptly after the knife has been used, and before the knife is stored away until its next use,rust will never appear. Also, the carbon steel blade will have no odor to it (carbon steel can smell really bad and taint the flavor of food if the knife blade is not promptly washed and oiled after each use). Since it only takes a drop or two of the Tsubaki Oil to successfully protect the knife blade, a small bottle of Tsubaki Oil will last at least a year. Note: you may see references in some Chinese (and some Japanese) cookbooks to use a salad oil on the cleaver knife blade. DON'T USE SALAD OIL IF YOU CAN HELP IT -- at least not on a carbon steel blade. Salad oil usually contains a high amount of linoleic acid, as well as other food compounds, and will become rancid on your knife blade, and make your knife blade really smell terrible; the Tsubaki Oil is a Camellia oil from plants indigenous to Japan and China and will actually protect the knife blade from oxidation and will not become rancid on the knife blade during periods when the knife is not in use. (Also, remember to wash and oil your knife after you have sharpened and/or honed it; rust can appear quickly on an unprotected fresh blade edge.) This is a product that, from my own personal experience from having used it over a number of years, I highly recommend. Remember, a high quality Japanese carbon steel gives back to you the care and maintenance that you give to it. Best regards, L. Scott

Pierre M.
France France
I recommend this product


Very good oil for knives maintenance.

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