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Fish Tweezers

Availability: Normally ships the same day

Fish Tweezers are a necessary tool for Sushi Chefs and many other chefs who frequently fillet and cook fish. From among 6 different kinds and grades of Fish Tweezers, we have selected these Fish Tweezers because: these Fish Tweezers are made of high quality stainless steel; they are the most popular size and shape; and, most importantly, they are more comfortable and easier to use than the other Fish Tweezers we tested.

 We regret that our current regular shipping methods (DHL, Fedex and EMS International shipping) have high shipping fees, so we are unfortunately unable to accept orders for relatively low-cost accessory items  (Wooden Sayas, fish tweezers, Tsubaki Oil, etc.) on their own. Additionally, due to the COVID-19 situation, Japan Post is not currently allowing customers to use their cost-effective international shipping method, “Postal Small Packet Air Mail shipping method”.

We apologize sincerely for the inconvenience caused by this international shipping situation. To save on shipping costs, please purchase the Fish Tweezers and accessory items along with a knife / knives, so they can be shipped together.


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