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Mizuno Tanrenjo

Ancient traditional Japanese Sword-making technique has been handed down generation to generation at Mizuno Tanrenjo, after one and half century, Mizuno family still continues to keep traditional technique in turning out the finest forging knives.

Founded in 1872 by Mastersmith, Torakichi Mizuno in Sakai City, Osaka, famous for producing the traditional Japanese style Chef's knives called "SAKAI UCHI", Mizuno Tanrenjo has been turning out a masterpiece of the Wa Bocho (the traditional Japanese style Chef's knives) for the professional chef's in four generations.

The Second Generation, Masanori Mizuno has been appointed to forge Mayokegama (a sickle to charm against evil) decorated on top of the roof of Houryuji temple in Nara, Japan's oldest five story building registered as the National Treasure and the World Heritage.

In 1952 and 1980, members of the Imperial family have visited their workshop and admired their traditional forging technique and craftsmanship. In order to convey this honor to later generations, Mizuno has started engraving the logo (賜台覧) on the blades.

Mizuno Tanrenjo Forging Process

Currently 3rd generation Mizuno Akiharu, 4th generation Mizuno Yasuyuki and 5th generation Jyun Mizuno are engaged in crafting Mizuno knives inheriting Mizuno tradition.

 JCK is very proud to introduce you Mizuno's finest line of knives backed by the long history and the traditional craftsmanship.