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Sukenari HAP-40 Series Wa Sujihiki (240mm and 270mm, 2 sizes, Octagon Shaped Magnolia Wood Handle)

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 Hitachi HAP-40 is currently one of the most mysterious and attractive steels produced in Japan. This hi-tech powdered metal steel alloy has a very rich chemical position and, when it is forged and heat-treated properly, we believe that it probably offers better cutting performance and edge retention than any other high-quality Japanese steel.

 Sukenari’s knowledge of traditional forging processes and their extensive experience with modern, high performance, steels proved to be invaluable while perfecting these new HAP-40 knives. Master Hanaki, Sukenari’s innovative and energetic knife maker and Master forge-smith, has successfully managed to extract the best cutting performance and edge retention from these HAP-40 knives (HRc. 68). They are perfect for customers who love testing exotic hi-tech steels, or those who appreciate knives with outstanding cutting performance and edge retention.

 Master Hanaki believes that these new HAP-40 knives offer very competitive cutting performance and edge retention relative to his ZDP-189 and Aogami Super knives. In addition, HAP-40 offers better toughness than ZDP-189, - even when it is heat-treated to a higher Rockwell hardness. Consequently, Master Hanaki has confidence that the new Sukenari HAP-40 knives will prove to be some of the best performing and most practical knives that Sukenari offer.

 Sukenari HAP-40 knives are fitted with a comfortable octagonal magnolia wood handle, which is fitted with a buffalo horn ferrule. A Magnolia wood Saya (Sheath) is also included with the knife for safekeeping

 The long, narrow, graceful blade of the Sujihiki is particularly useful for trimming away sinew and fat from meat, finely slicing meat or boneless fish, or for filleting and skinning fish. The long blade allows the meat or fish to be cut in one single drawing motion, from heel to tip.

Knife Model: Sukenari HAP-40 Series Wa Sujihiki

Blade Material:  HAP-40 Clad

Rockwell Hardness (HRc): 68

Blade Grind and Edge Shape: Double Bevel Edge 50/50

Handle Material: Octagon Shaped Magnolia Wooden Handle with Water Buffalo Horn Ferrule

Saya Included: Yes.

Wa Sujihiki 240mm (9.4")
Cutting edge length: 230mm
Total Length: 380mm
Blade Thickness: 2.4mm
Blade Width: 33mm
Handle Length:136mm
Total Weight: 118g

Wa Sujihiki 270mm (10.6")
Cutting edge length: 265mm
Total Length: 415mm
Blade Thickness: 2.4mm
Blade Width: 36mm
Handle Length: 143mm
Total Weight: 140g



This knife comes with 50/50 double bevel edge geometry for both right and left handed use.

For your information, Japanese Kitchen knives are generally designed for right hand use with a slightly thicker and rounded grinding on the right side blade and a less rounded (almost straight flat) grinding on the left side blade. However, both right and left hander can use the knives that have double bevel edge sharpened 50/50 without problems. 

We believe the quality and cutting performance of Japanese knives are the best in the world, and hope you enjoy the fine craftsmanship and its sharp edge of your new knife. With proper cares, every Japanese knife should be your special cooking partner for a long time.


This is the Powdered High Speed Tool Steel blade kitchen knife that has a rust resistance for easy maintenance. However, it may get rust, if kept in wet condition.

  • Please do not put the knife in the dishwasher machine for cleaning.
  • Please do not leave the knife in water or wet condition for a long time.
  • After using, please hand wash the blade, bolster and handle thoroughly, and wipe it clean and dry with soft clothes, and keep it in a dry place.
  • This is an extremely sharp knife. Please use special cares in using and storing it.
  • Unlike German made knives, Japanese knife blades are ground to thin cutting edge for sharper cutting and easier re-sharpening. Please protect the edge from hitting hard materials to avoid chipping or cracking.
  • Please do not use it to cut bone or frozen foods, any hard shell foods such as lobster and crab.
  • We recommend using Japanese whetstones to re-sharpen the knife, when it gets dull.
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    Daeyoung Y.
    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product

    Scenari HAP-40 Sujihiki

    Good looks and great quality.

    zooyeol h.
    Canada Canada
    I recommend this product

    The best purchase ever!

    A friend of mine recommends Sukenari since I got into the industry. So I had a research on that if the brand is really reliable for its quality and performance. As you all know the knife isn't extremely expensive compare to another high-end brands out there in the market however, it isn't considerably cheap as well. So what I've found is that the quality and the performance from Sukenari is phenomenal and fact that its excellence is well acknowledged among Japanese chefs in Japan, moved me to purchase it and I love it. Even though the sharpness of the knife has't developed yet as it came as a new from the factory but the blade able to cut a carrot effortlessly. It is insanely well made knife that is light and solid.

    JapaneseChefsKnife.Com Sukenari HAP-40 Series Wa Sujihiki (240mm and 270mm, 2 sizes, Octagon Shaped Magnolia Wood Handle) Review
    Dave W.
    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product

    Sukenari HAP-40 Sujihiki 270mm

    Home cook but I like nice Japanese knives. First Sujihiki and HAP40 so decided to combine the 2 - happy I chose 270mm over 240mm. Very sharp out of box and the finish is consistent with other Sukenari knives (ie good). Cuts like a dream through meats and cured fish and I suspect it will be a long time between sharpens in the home environment. The service as always was very prompt and hassle free with JCK

    JapaneseChefsKnife.Com Sukenari HAP-40 Series Wa Sujihiki (240mm and 270mm, 2 sizes, Octagon Shaped Magnolia Wood Handle) Review
    Rafal C.
    Poland Poland
    I recommend this product

    High End Tool

    I am the co-owner of a small restaurant. Not a chef. Therefore, I can follow my own, non-standard paths ;). My assumptions when choosing This knife: Precise venison processing. After pre-treatment with boning knife. No fish. Not enough time for precise stone sharpening, step by step. I prefer efficient sharpening on advanced grinding wheels. That's why I didn't choose a single bevel knife like Yanagi. I chose HAP-40 over ZDP because of its greater chipping resistance. Sukenari’s 270 mm HAP-40 Wa Sujihiki is well-balanced knife with excellent profile. Finger choil is well shaped. In this particular knife, the components of the cheapest, standard octagonal magnolia handle do not fit together very precisely. The edges of ferula and wood are very little but inaccurately matched. This requires a minor correction. But as I mentioned, this is a high-end tool, not a collector's item. I appreciate this knife for its work, not for its appearance :). Knife’s Sharpness out of the box is very good. Edge retention ,even after changing the sharpening angle is outstanding. My secondary bevel 5000 grit diamond finish improves cutting aggressiveness HAP-40 on comparable with the ZDP-189 steel. What more could You want ? :) ( I do not use Facebook or Instagram, so I do not attach photos. But if Koki complains, I will send photos via e-mail :). )

    JapaneseChefsKnife.Com Sukenari HAP-40 Series Wa Sujihiki (240mm and 270mm, 2 sizes, Octagon Shaped Magnolia Wood Handle) Review
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