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Hattori 傘 SAN-GECKO Limited Edition GECKO-6D-4 Gyuto 210mm (8.2 Inch, "Natural" Camel Bone Handle)

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A few years ago, Master Hattori became 80 years old. In Japan, a person’s 80th birthday is commemorated with a special celebration called 傘寿 / Sanjyu. To celebrate his special anniversary year, and his proud achievements as a Master craftsman, Hattori has decided to produce a Special Limited Edition Collection of knives called the 傘 San Series. 

The Hattori 傘 San Series knife collection will feature special, very limited production models, which Master Hattori can no longer produce in large quantities due to the rarity or limited availability of handle materials or blade materials.

In the end of year 2021, Hattori launched the new “GECKO” brand knife collection, which will grow over time to become an existing series of distinctive, high-end knives.

Needless to say, Hattori is Japan’s top-ranked Knife Maker and Hattori’s new high-end GECKO brand knife collection will be handcrafted using all of Hattori’s experience, skill, spirit and passion. Just like the Hattori 傘 SAN Series knife collection, the Hattori GECKO brand knife collection will feature special, very limited production models, which Master Hattori can no longer produce in large quantities due to the rarity or limited availability of handle materials or blade materials.

Each knife in the Hattori GECKO knife collection will have a unique “GECKO” Trade Mark logo etched on to knife blade. In Japan, the “GECKO” is considered a special creature, which brings good luck and fortune, protecting and preserving your family and your house. This communicates Hattori’s sincere wish that all Hattori knife fans and serious knife collectors will have good luck and fortune in their lives — Especially during the difficult recent environment.

We are proud and excited to introduce the new, high-end Hattori GECKO brand knife collection to our customers.

We have closely worked with Hattori to create the the SAN-GECKO special edition, limited quantity, 210mm San-Mai Gyuto knives utilize the reputable High Quality Japanese Powdered High Speed Tool Steel, SG-II. Master Hattori carefully selected the materials for these San-Mai (Three-piece laminated) knives: The blade is made with an SG-II Powdered High Speed Tool Steel core that is sandwiched between two layers of hard VG-2 stainless steel. This laminated blade construction provides extra strength and durability for the blade and the high carbon VG-2 stainless steel resists scratches and blade warpage. Hattori carefully selected these steel materials to ensure the creation of an efficient, practical knife that offers high cutting performance and excellent edge retention. 

Hattori 傘 SAN-GECKO Limited Edition GECKO-6D-4 Gyuto 210mm (8.2 Inch) with "Natural" Camel Bone Handle.

For the GECKO-6 Gyuto 210mm, Master Hattori chose to use a wild, unique Camel Bone material for the handle. The Custom Handmade Handle has been carefully contoured and polished by hand for a comfortable grip and excellent overall knife balance. Each Camel Bone Handle has unique color and texture, only a limited quantity available.  We hope you will enjoy selecting your favorite handle version and adding a Limited Edition GECKO-6 Gyuto 210mm knife to your Hattori knife collection.

The Gyuto is the Japanese version of the classic Western Chef’s knife. It can be used with a variety of different cutting techniques to achieve a wide range of kitchen tasks and is suitable for cutting the vast majority of meats, fish, vegetables and fruits. The Gyuto is a true multi-purpose knife.

Knife Model: Hattori 傘 SAN-GECKO Limited Edition GECKO-6D-4 Gyuto 210mm (8.2 Inch, "Natural" Camel Bone Handle)

Blade Material: SG-II San-Mai (SG-II core is sandwiched with VG-2 hard Stainless Steel)

Rockwell Hardness (HRc): 62

Blade Grind and Edge Shape: Double Bevel Edge 50/50

Handle Material: Custom Handmade "Natural" Camel Bone Handle with Stainless Steel Bolster

Saya Included: No.

Gyuto 210mm (8.2")
Cutting edge length: 211mm
Total Length: 335mm
Blade Thickness: 2.4mm
Blade Width: 45mm
Handle Length: 118mm
Total Weight: 210g



This knife comes with 50/50 double bevel edge geometry for both right and left handed use.  

For your information, Japanese Kitchen knives are generally designed for right hand use with a slightly thicker and rounded grinding on the right side blade and a less rounded (almost straight flat) grinding on the left side blade. However, both right and left hander can use the knives that have double bevel edge sharpened 50/50 without problems.  

We believe the quality and cutting performance of Japanese knives are the best in the world, and hope you enjoy fine craftsmanship and sharp edge with your new knife. With proper cares, every Japanese knife should be your special cooking partner for long times. 


This is the Powdered High Speed Tool Steel blade kitchen knife that has a rust resistance for easy maintenance. However, it may get rust, if kept in wet condition.

  • Please do not put the knife in the dishwasher machine for cleaning.
  • Please do not leave the knife in water or wet condition for long time.
  • After using, please hand wash the blade, bolster and handle thoroughly, and wipe it clean and dry with soft clothes, and keep it in dry place.
  • This is an extremely sharp knife. Please use special cares in using and storing it.
  • Unlike German made knives, Japanese knife blades are ground to thin cutting edge for sharper cutting and easier re-sharpening. Please protect the edge from hitting hard materials to avoid chipping or cracking.
  • Please do not use it to cut bone or frozen foods, any hard shell foods such as lobster and crab..
  • We recommend using Japanese whetstones to re-sharpen the knife, when it gets dull.

    Story Section

    Hattori History, Pride & Philosophy

    For more than 50 years, Master Hattori has devoted his life to creating masterpieces. Throughout his long knife making career and his continuous quest for improvement, his "Never Compromise" spirit has remained constant and he has always sought the finest workmanship. Hattori’s core values are: 心・技・体 ( "Spirit", "Artistry", "Continuity")
    Story Section

    Hattori Quality & Craftsmanship

    Master Hattori always pays special care and attention to ensure the best-quality, most practical knives possible; This is his great passion. He believes that creating a straight blade, without warp, is one of the most important and essential steps in making a high-quality, practical knife and it also aids efficiency and precision during the next manufacturing processes. After the heat treatment, grinding and sharpening processes, Hattori pays special attention is to straightening the blades, which is achieved using a sophisticated manual hammering process.
    Story Section

    Hattori Quality & Craftsmanship

    Master Hattori’s passionate apprentice, Mr. Nagatomo, concentrates continuously when he is handcrafting the perfectly shaped handles of the Hattori FH series knifes. Utilizing at least 10 different manufacturing steps and several pieces of equipment, I observed him carefully shape and contour the handle by hand. With each process, the handle is gradually refined until it reaches the perfect shape and finish. I felt all of these steps and processes were necessary. Indeed, it takes time to achieve the Hattori Quality.
    Story Section

    Why Hattori Knives ?

    Over the past 60 years, Hattori’s dedication, passion and continuous improvements have resulted in unbeatable knife quality, superb craftsmanship and the production of Japan’s premium professional-quality knives. Hattori’s life-long quest for improvement will never end and Hattori will continue to make masterpieces that impact your spirit.

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