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KAGAYAKI R-2 Damascus Series

 It has been always pleasure to work with Master Gotou and his team of highly skilled craftsmen to develop our high quality KAGAYAKI series of Western-styled knives.  Kagayaki Basic Series, KAGAYAKI VG-10 Series, and KAGAYAKI CarboNext Series have each become very popular with our customers, due to the consistently high standards of quality and craftsmanship achieved by Master Gotou and his team of fine craftsmen.

 In order to satisfy new market demands, including those of a large number of experienced users and knife enthusiasts, Master Gotou has rbeen refining his techniques for making Damascus kitchen knives. When I first heard this news I became extremely excited, and I could not stop myself from trying to imagine what these new Damascus knives would be like! Just as I had imagined, the final result of Master Gotou’s efforts are beautiful Damascus knives of outstanding quality, with excellent fit & finish - the product of meticulous attention to detail during every step of their making process.

 For the core steel of the Damascus knives, Master Gotou selected a special Powdered Metallurgy High Speed Tool Steel called “R-2”, which he heat-treats to HRc. 63. R-2 is made by a highly reputable Japanese company called Kobelco, and the steel offers remarkable cutting performance and edge retention. The two outer layers of the blade are made from a unique and elegantly patterned Damascus steel, which is comprised of alternating layers of white-colored nickel steel and sparkling mirror polished layers of steel.

 In order to distinguish his knives from the mass-produced Damascus knives which are commonly seen on the market, Mr. Gotou decided to work in collaboration with a Master forge-smith, who uses traditional forge hammering techniques to exploit the best characteristics of the steel. The finishing work is then carried out by Master Gotou’s reliable team of highly skilled craftsmen.

 We are now pleased to offer these beautiful, high quality, KAGAYAKI R-2 Nickel Damascus Series knives to our customers.  We admire the spirit, determination and professionalism that Mr. Gotoh and his team showed as they took on the new challenges associated with the production of these spectacular knives. We believe our KAGAYAKI R-2 Damascus knives are some of the finest Damascus knives available on the Japanese knife market, and we know that they will be highly sought after. We wholeheartedly recommend them to Damascus lovers, experienced users and professionals.

 KAGAYAKI R-2 Damascus Series knives have an attractive and very durable linen Micarta handle, which ensures a comfortable and secure grip (Even when wet!). The knives also come with a matching wooden Saya (Sheath) with a decorative black lacquer finish, which complements the appearance of the Micarta handle and Damascus blades very well.