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JCK Special Combination Whetstone #400/#1200 Grit

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 This Combination Whetstone has been specially developed to provide a 'single-stone solution' for repairing small chips, 'thinning' blades and correcting other blade geometry issues. It can also be used to create a surprisingly sharp, 'toothy' edge, or for shaping the cutting edge before honing and polishing with a Shiage Toishi (仕上げ砥石 ,"finishing stone"). 

 Our first "JCK Special Combination Whetstone #1000 / #4000 Grit" has been very well received as a basic, daily use whetstone, which allows you to regain a fine cutting edge on all different kinds of blades and cutlery steels. However, because our customers may also need to use a coarse-grit stone to maintain their knives in 'original condition', or may want customise the blade geometry of their knives, we have decided to also offer the "JCK Special Combination Whetstone #400 / #1200 Grit".

 This new combination whetstone has a Coarse-grit Whetstone (Arato / 粗砥) on one side and a Medium-grit Whetstone (Nakato / 中砥) on the other side. The high-quality abrasives that we have selected for our new coarse and medium grit Combination Whetstone provide a powerful cutting action and will allow you to carry out important blade maintenance and blade geometry correction procedures (Such as correcting uneven blade grind, correcting blade profile issues, 'thinning' the blade, or removing small chips in the cutting edge). Carrying out these procedures will allow you to get the best performance from your knife and allow you to enjoy your knife for a long time. We recommend that you either use the coarse-grit side of the whetstone to sharpen and 'thin' your knife occasionally, or, alternatively, use it every time you sharpen.

 The #1200 medium-grit Nakato side of the whetstone is extremely versatile and can be used to either refine the scratches left by the coarse side of the whetstone, or to create a surprisingly sharp, 'toothy’ edge that is ideal for cutting meat and many other ingredients.

 Coarse and medium grit whetstones are the most popular and useful whetstones in Japanese home kitchens. If you are considering a first whetstone, we recommend starting with our new #400 / #1200 grit combination whetstone. Later on, when you find the need for a more refined edge, you can purchase an additional fine-grit finishing whetstone, such as our "Super Fine #6000 grit Whetstone", our "Super Fine #8000 grit Whetstone", or our versatile "JCK Special Combination Whetstone #6000 / #10000 Grit".

 We believe that the "JCK Special Combination Whetstone #400 / #1200 Grit" will be a great addition to your sharpening toolkit because it will allow you to keep your knives well-maintained, ready to perform perfectly. The stone is proudly marked with the JCK logo and comes with a complimentary non-slip rubber sheet/pad. You can place this sheet underneath your whetstone to prevent it from moving whilst sharpening, or to prevent it from scratching the work surface.

Sharpening Tips:   

 Before sharpening with this whetstone, please soak it in/under water for approximately 10 minutes (Until air bubbles stop coming out of the whetstone). To ensure a smooth and efficient sharpening experience, we recommend that you occasionally re-wet the surface of the stone during sharpening.Before storing your whetstone, please air-dry the stone in a cool, well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat.

JCK Special Combination Whetstone Grit #400/#1200 Dimension

Length* 210mm
Width*  64mm
Height* 34mm


Sharpening Tips:   

This Whetstone requires to be soaked in water for approximate 10 minutes before start sharpening. (until the bubbles will stop coming out from the whetstone).


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Cesar W.
United States United States
I recommend this product
JCK Special Combination Whetstone #400/#1200 Grit

This combo stone proved to be very useful during my recent knife sharpening session. My pairing knife had a good sharpness when new but eventually the edge wore off so cutting and peeling off fruits and veggies was not as smooth as it used to be. It was time to sharpen the edge and bring my knife back to life. Several passes on the #400 grit reestablished the edge sharpness. Followed with several more passes on the #1200 grit to smooth out the edge and my knife cuts and peels with authority again. Thanks to this nice useful combination stone.

Cesar Wilczynski verified customer review of JCK Special Combination Whetstone #400/#1200 GritCesar Wilczynski verified customer review of JCK Special Combination Whetstone #400/#1200 Grit
Mark L.
United States United States
I recommend this product
JCK's 400/1200 Grit Whetstone

I purchased your 400/1200 grit whetstone, and it’s been great. Before that I had acquired another sharpener I was very disappointed with – I’ll leave it at that. For someone who wants just one stone (like me) the 400/1200 grit combination is perfect. I can now cut up a rack of pork ribs like a hot knife through butter; this task was a struggle before I had your stone to sharpen my knife. Unfortunately I can’t get a tomato dropped above my blades to be cut by the force of gravity alone against my honed edges, at least not yet, but I’m working on it. Maybe after my novice sharpening technique is perfected I’ll purchase your 6000/10,000 grit whetstone combination, but the tomatoes in my kitchen are pleading that I fight off the urge to do so. One thing JCK should consider is offering a video on the proper technique to sharpen a fine Japanese kitchen knife.

Bykov P.
Russia Russia
I recommend this product
Combination Whetstone #400 / #1200 Grit

For a beginner, the best option. The stone is double-sided, not very demanding. Now I will learn to sharpen well not expensive knives. I’ll learn to sharpen, buy good expensive knives and then most likely I will take stones of a different class.

Bykov P. verified customer review of JCK Special Combination Whetstone #400/#1200 Grit
Alex K.
Israel Israel
I recommend this product
Combination Whetstone #400/#1200 Grit

a great Combination Whetstone

Anatolii R.
I recommend this product
Review update

I thought I have to update my previous review. After some break-in period, #400 side revealed more aggressive texture and started cutting much faster that it was initially. Moreover, it does not clog so you can re-profile edges very quickly. Now I totally satisfied with this stone. Just give it a some break-in period

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