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Sukenari Aogami Super Series

Hitachi Aogami Super is Japan’s premier High Carbon Steel; it has a very rich chemical composition (Carbon 1.40-1.50 %; Chromium 0.30 - 0.50%; and, Tungsten 2.00 - 2.50%) and is famous for its great sharpness and outstanding edge retention (Due to the very hard Tungsten Carbide and Chromium Carbide compounds that it contains).

Sukenari is the first knife maker to produce Aogami Super Wa Gyuto knives that are clad with a beautiful and finely polished Stainless Damascus steel. This enables you to enjoy not only the outstanding cutting performance of the special Aogami Super cutting edge (Hagane), but also the beauty of the wavy-patterned Damascus cladding. Because this Damascus is made with Nickel Stainless Steel and Stainless Steel, it is corrosion-resistant and therefore low-maintenance; only the exposed blade core / cutting edge of Aogami Super is likely to discolor or rust.

Master Hanaki, Sukenari’s innovative and energetic knife maker and Master forge-smith, has successfully managed to produce highly practical High Carbon Steel Wa Gyuto knives that will please not only Damascus lovers but also carbon steel lovers, who will appreciate the cutting performance and outstanding edge retention of Aogami Super.

Sukenari’s extensive experience with modern high performance steels has also allowed them to produce Aogami Super Hon Kasumi Yanagiba knives and other single bevel edged Sushi Chef knives. The accomplished Master-smith Mr. Nagao (Hiromoto Co.) explained to us that this type of knife is rarely seen on the market because they are very difficult to make. Consequently, we are very proud and excited to make these special Hon Kasumi knives available to our customers.

The Aogami Super cutting edge (HRc. 64) is forge-welded with soft iron for improved toughness and ease of sharpening. This allows the knives to have cutting performance and edge retention that is arguably as good as some Honyaki knives, but they are much easier to sharpen and far less likely to be damaged. Each knife is finely polished and fitted with a comfortable octagonal magnolia wood handle that has a water buffalo horn ferrule / collar. A matching magnolia wood Saya (Sheath) is also supplied for safekeeping.

In our opinion, Sukenari is able to successfully produce these very special knives because they are well accustomed to researching and testing new steels and are passionate about developing new products that exceed the expectations of their customers. We deeply respect the tremendous time, effort and energy that Sukenari invest in to this research since it allows them to create fantastic knives, such as these.

We are very happy to announce that these Premium Japanese High Carbon Steel Aogami Super knives, made by the highly respected forge-smiths Sukenari, are now available!