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Fujiwara Kanefusa FKH Series

 Even though carbon steel knives require more care and maintenance than stainless steel (Because it is prone to discoloring or rusting), many of our customers prefer high carbon steel knives because they offer better edge sharpness, edge retention and ease of re-sharpening than the majority of stainless steel knives.

 For many hundreds of years, carbon steel has been the primary material used to make knife blades. In contrast, stainless steel knives have only been widely available for around half a century, but the quality of stainless cutlery steels has been steadily improving and there are now many good stainless steel kitchen knives. Despite this, we think that the history and great characteristics of carbon steel blades (i.e. superb edge sharpness, edge retention and ease of sharpening) will ensure that they have a place in the hearts and minds of people for many years to come.

 The Fujiwara FKH series of knives are made with SK-4 Japanese high carbon steel, which is heat-treated to HRc. 58-59.

 They feature full-tang construction, stainless steel bolsters and black pakkawood handle scales. The knives are well balanced and the handles provide a comfortable, secure grip.

 There are a total of ten different blade types and sizes available, which are suitable for a wide variety of everyday kitchen tasks. We recommend this range of affordable knives to novice users of carbon steel knives, users looking for knives suited to heavy usage, and to lovers of carbon steel knives.