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First Japanese Knives

 With such a large selection of Japanese knives available, we completely understand that it is often difficult for customers to decide which knife they would like to buy – especially if this is the first time you have purchased a Japanese knife.

 In this section, we would like to introduce you to some of the Japanese knives that we particularly recommend to first-time buyers.

 We believe that your first Japanese knife should have good strength, good durability, good rust resistance, be easy maintain, be easy to re-sharpen and also be affordable. This allows you to practice and use your new knife without being worried about making mistakes or damaging it, and you will have a positive experience with your first Japanese knife.

 Some experts recommend that first-time buyers purchase a high quality, more expensive, knife. It is important understand that ‘High-end’ knives are no more difficult to use or maintain than lower-priced knives. Once you have learned how to properly use and maintain your Japanese knife, it should last a long time. Japanese knives are a great buy, because they provide great value for money over the long-term if you take good of them.