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Magnolia Wooden Saya for Sujihiki 300mm


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Wooden Saya is one of the most common tool and the best method for protecting the blade and storing the knife, when not in use and to go.

 The Saya is made of Magnolia wood which has good resistance for water and shrinkage.

 Each Wooden Saya is carefully hand crafted to fit with each blade, and comes with Black Pakka wood pin for tightening the blade and wooden saya.

Our Wooden Saya of Sujihiki300mm is Suitable for: Hattori FH-14. KAGAYAKI KC-10. Misono No.523, No.526, No.123. Hiromoto TJ-75G3. Glestain 730TSK.

 Important Information when you purchase the wooden saya
   As you know each Maker’s knife has different dimensions. For example, Hattori’s Gyuto 210m and Misono’s Gyuto 210mm have different blade spine thickness, blade width, dimension even they are same blade type and same  length of blade. Because of these slight differences, there might be a possibility that the wooden saya does not fit well with your knife. (Especially most of traditional hammer forged knives have thicker blade spine around the bolster)

   Each Wooden Saya is thoroughly hand crafted, so it may vary in size, thickness and interior space. Since it is usually custom made to fit with each knife blade provided, there might be a possibility that the existing Saya you purchase does not fit well with your knife.

   In order to avoid this problem, we strongly recommend you to buy the Saya with a knife for the pre-fitting and necessary adjustment.

 Also, it is not acceptable to order just the Saya only, due to the high shipping cost for the low priced Saya. You can add the Saya along with other order to be shipped together to save the shipping cost.

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