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Custom Handmade Carved Wooden Saya for Yanagiba 270mm (Mt.Fuji, WS-Y270-3)

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This handmade Wooden Saya is a collaboration between our traditional wooden Saya craftsman and an Experienced Custom Wood Carver, who has recreated the look and feel of Japan’s beautiful nature, scenery and cultural history. 

Wooden Saya are one of the most commonly purchased knife accessories and they are the best method to store and protect your knife blade when it not in use, or when you are travelling.

This Wooden Saya is made of Magnolia wood, which resists both water damage and shrinkage well. The natural beauty of the brown-colored wood has been enhanced with a glossy Lacquer Finish, which further improves water resistance.

Each Special Edition Wooden Saya has been custom hand carved with a design motif inspired by Japan’s beautiful scenery, nature or culture. This one, is the “Mt. Fuji Special Edition Hand Carved Saya”.

The Natural Brown Wood of this Saya is a good match for Dark-colored, Black, or Magnolia Wood Wa handles. Each wooden Saya is carefully handcrafted to fit to each individual blade and includes a Black Pakka Wood pin and a Traditional Braided Cord (That can be used to secure the knife).

Our Wooden Saya of Yanagiba 270mm is Suitable for: Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan FB-2, FG-2, FKRW-2, Masamoto KK-0427, KS-0427, KA-0427, KH-0427, HS-0427, HA-0427, Fujiwara Kanefusa FKJ No.34, Mizuno Tanrenjo Yanagiba 270mm, Sukenari Yanagiba 270mm.

Important Information About Purchasing Wooden Saya:
As you probably know, the dimensions of knives made by different manufacturers can vary: Although a Hattori Gyuto 210mm and a Misono Gyuto 210mm are the same blade type and have the same nominal blade length, the dimensions of their blade widths and their spine thicknesses will be different. Because of these slight differences, it is possible the wooden Saya will not fit your knife well (Especially if it is a traditional hammer forged knife, as the blade and spine are often thicker near the bolster).

Wooden Saya are thoroughly hand crafted, so each Saya will vary slightly in size, thickness and interior space. Saya are usually custom made to fit each individual knife blade, therefore a Saya you purchased previously might not fit a knife that you buy later.

In order to avoid these problems, we strongly recommend customers buy a Saya at the same time as their knife, then we can carry out the necessary pre-fitting and adjustments for you.


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