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Black Lacquered Wooden Saya for Misono UX10 No.741 Boning Knife | Honesuki

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 A Wooden Saya (Sheath / scabbard) is one of the most common knife accessories and it is the best way to safely store your knife when you are not using it, or when you are travelling.  This Saya is made of Magnolia wood and has a decorative Black Lacquered finish that beautifully matches Black or Dark-colored wooden handles. Many Japanese knife makers use Black Pakka Wood for the handle scales of their Western-style Kitchen Knives, and these knives look very neat and stylish with a Black Lacquered Saya.  Each Wooden Saya comes with a Black Pakka Wood pin (Used to secure the knife) and is carefully hand crafted to fit to each individual blade.

 The Misono UX10 Series knives are one of the highest-quality professional stainless steel kitchen knives on the market and they feature a stylish, well balanced, slanted Nickel Silver bolster. This particular handcrafted Black Lacquered Wooden Saya has been specially customized to seamlessly fit the Misono UX10 No.741 Boning Knife | Honesuki. It offers the best-possible fit for the UX10 No.741 Boning Knife and it is therefore the Saya we recommend for the knif. 

This Special Order Made Wooden Saya is Suitable for: Misono UX10 No.741 Boning Knife | Honesuki

 Each Wooden Saya is completely hand crafted, so each one will vary slightly in size, thickness and interior space. Since Saya are usually custom made to fit each individual knife blade, if you purchase a Saya for an old, previously purchased knife, it might not fit perfectly. In order to avoid this problem, we strongly recommend that you buy a Saya along with your knife, so that the necessary pre-fitting and adjustments can be made.

*Important Information About Purchasing a Wooden Saya:  You may already know that knives produced by different manufacturers will vary in their dimensions, for example: Hattori’s Gyuto 210 mm and Misono’s Gyuto 210 mm have different blade spine thickness and a different blade width, even though they are the same blade type and share the same blade length. Due to these slight differences, there is a possibility that the Wooden Saya will not fit your knife properly (Especially if it is a traditional hammer forged knife, as the blade spine is often quite thick near the bolster or ferrule).      Wooden Sayas are entirely hand crafted, so the exact size, thickness and interior cavity space will vary. Sayas are usually custom made to fit each individual knife blade, so, if you purchase one for a knife you already own, there is a possibility that it will not fit perfectly.      In order to avoid this problem, we strongly recommend purchasing a Saya at the same time as your knife, so that the necessary adjustments can be made during the fitting process.

We regret that our current regular shipping methods (DHL, Fedex and EMS International shipping) have high shipping fees, so we are unfortunately unable to accept orders for relatively low-cost accessory items, such as Wooden Saya, on their own. Additionally, due to the COVID-19 situation, Japan Post is not currently allowing customers to use their cost-effective international shipping method, “Postal Small Packet Air Mail shipping method”.

We apologize sincerely for the inconvenience caused by this international shipping situation. To save on shipping costs, please purchase your Saya and accessory items along with a knife / knives, so they can be shipped together.


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