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Western Deba

'Western Deba’ (Yo Deba), is essentially a double bevel edged, Western-styled version of the traditional Japanese Deba knife. It has a thick, heavy, and durable blade which is specially designed for the butchery of poultry, fish, and crustaceans such as shrimp, lobster, and crab - tasks that are not suited to the relatively thin blades of most Japanese knives. The heel portion of the Western Deba is capable of cutting through the small bones and cartilage of poultry and, when used with the correct techniques, it can safely be used to remove and split open the legs and claws of crabs.However, it is not recommended for cutting very hard bones, thick bones, or frozen foods, as this can damage the blade.

Western Deba are typically available in blade lengths between 165mm and 270mm, with the165mm, 210mm and 240mm sizes being the most common.