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Sukenari R-2 (SG-II) Series

As we often mention, Sukenari are always busy researching and challenging themselves to produce really special knives made from high-end and exotic steels.

Master Hanaki (President of Sukenari) has crafted very practical and special Powdered High Speed Tool Steel knives, which feature R-2 | SG-II cutting edge / blade core (HRc. 63) that has been forge welded with soft stainless steel.

If you are a professional or a serious home chef who demands high cutting performance, excellent edge retention and also ease of maintenance, these  Sukenari R-2 | SG-II knives are ideal.

R-2 | SG-II is a well respected Powdered High Speed Tool Steel. Master Hanaki believes R-2 | SG-II is one of the most practical cutlery steels because it can provide an excellent blend of high cutting performance, edge retention and ease of maintenance. Compared to blades made from very high hardness Powdered High Speed Tool Steels, such as ZDP-189, "R-2 | SG-II" blades are easier to sharpen and offer better price-performance.

Over 80 years of experience in knife making and knowledge of ancient forging techniques have enabled Sukenari to create fine masterpieces from special high-end steels like SG-II (Super Gold No.2 Powdered High Speed Tool Steel). 


  Both JCK and Master Hanaki (President of Sukenari) believes R-2 | SG-II is one of most practical steel available in this generation. We can feel the high level of craftsmanship and spirits from the specially forged fine Japanese Traditional Style knife.