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Paring | Peeling

The Paring knife makes it suitable for a variety of commonplace kitchen tasks, but it is primarily used for peeling and accurately shaping fruits and vegetables, particularly useful when cutting small items held in the hand. Paring Knife is indispensable in the kitchen, and are a perfect companion for the larger Gyuto.

There are three main blade profiles for Paring knives. The most common has a profile similar to a ‘chef's knife’, and is perhaps the most versatile. The Tourné knife, or 'bird’s beak' knife, has a hook shaped blade. It is often used by chefs trained in making classic French cuisine, and is used in particular for making Tourné vegetables. The last type is the ‘sheepsfoot’ profile of Paring knife, which has a straight blade edge. Each of the blade profiles has distinct advantages and disadvantages, so it sometimes useful to have several Paring knives, each with a different profile.

Paring knives are commonly available in blade lengths between 75mm and 125mm.