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The Mukimono Hōchō is small knife with a thin blade that is commonly used for the Japanese art of Mukimono (Creating decorative garnishes), and also Kazari-giri (“Decorative vegetable carving”). However, it is often used as a small general-purpose knife for peeling and cutting fruits and vegetables since it can perform these tasks well.

The Mukimono Hōchō has blade geometry similar to the Usuba, but it is ground much thinner and is smaller in size. Similar to the Kiritsuke, it also has a 'clipped point’ / ‘reverse tanto tip’ that is primarily intended for making the decorative cuts mentioned above, but it is also useful for any task which requires the precise cutting of soft ingredients.

Mukimono Hōchō are made in blade lengths ranging from 75mm up 210mm, with blade lengths from 150mm to 180mm typically recommended.

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