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For Sushi Chefs

 Sushi and many other Japanese foods are becoming very popular and commonplace throughout the world. You may have even seen the impressive skills of a Sushi Chef firsthand, as he uses his Yanagiba knife to delicately slice raw fish for a beautiful Sashimi dish.

 Japanese kitchen knives have long history, and there a number of Japanese traditional-style knives that are most likely not commonplace in your country.

 The islands that make up Japan are geographically isolated from other countries and, as a result, the Japanese have always made the most of the fresh seasonal food resources offered by their land, lakes, rivers and seas. The diversity of these foods, in addition to cultural influences, led to the development of a number of different knives that were each intended for a very specific purpose. The single bevel edged Yanagiba, Deba and Usuba are unique to Japan, and they were developed to cleanly cut ingredients, because this better preserves the fresh flavour and texture of the food.

 We stock knives made by some of Japan’s most respected and famous Sushi Chef knife makers, such as Masamoto, Mizuno Tanrenjo and Sukenari. We also work with top-ranked forge-smiths and craftsmen to produce our own JCK Original Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan branded range of Japanese traditional-style knives.