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JCK Original Brand Video "Essential Ingredients of Best Quality Japanese Knives"

August 15, 2022

JCK Original Brand Video "Essential Ingredients of Best Quality Japanese Knives"

In this blog and Video, we would like to introduce the JCK Original  輝 Kagayaki Knives’ Brand history, Concept and Craftsmanship.

The JCK Original 輝 Kagayaki knife brand was launched in 2006.

Now, even among our huge selection of knife brands and knives, it is one of our best-selling, most reliable brands.

We hope you will discover our JCK Original Kagayaki brand knives and taste the craftsmanship and ‘ingredients’ that make our top-quality Japanese Knives possible.


0:01~0:50 JCK Original KAGAYAKI — Brand History, Concept and Craftsmanship:

 Our growing JCK Original Kagayaki brand seeks to bring you top-quality, practical knives.  

The core brand values are: 

  1. Highest Quality
  2. Cutting Performance
  3. Edge Retention
  4. Value for Money

 Customer satisfaction is our most important goal; we want you to enjoy your Kagayaki knives for many, many years.

 JCK Original Kagayaki knives are handcrafted by a team of special craftspeople, using traditional methods.


 The history of Seki City, the 'Japanese Knife Capital', began over 700 years ago with Japanese Sword Making. Today, Seki City has a worldwide reputation for making high-quality cutlery.

For nearly half a century, a team of special craftspeople in Seki City have been producing practical, high-quality knives. Motivated by their passion and true craftsman’s spirit, they are determined and proud to carry on the Seki tradition of producing high-quality knives.

JCK Original Kagayaki knives are handcrafted by this team of special craftspeople, using traditional handcrafting methods that have been handed down by many generations of experienced, skillful craftspeople.


We believe knives described as "best-quality" and "practical" must offer great cutting performance, great edge retention and adequate strength, whilst also being easy to maintain and sharpen. They should also be functional, be beautiful and be well made, with good fit and finish.

All of these elements are important to serious users and professionals, who demand and need highly practical, professional-quality knives. JCK Original Kagayaki knives were specifically developed to meet these requirements. 

1:58~2:09 焼き入れ  (Yaki-ire) "Quenching"

Optimization of the heat treatment process is essential for peak sharpness and edge retention.

2:10~2:38  歪取り (Hizumi-Tori) "Blade Straightening" 

After the heat treatment, grinding and sharpening processes, the Master Craftsman pays extra attention to straightening the blades.

This hammering process seems simple, but it requires an experienced craftsperson with sharp senses. 

Blade straightening aids efficiency and precision during the next manufacturing processes, so it is very important. This time-consuming, delicate, difficult manual work, is essential if you want to produce top-quality, practical knives.

 2:39~3:10 水砥  (Mizu-to) "Whetstone Grinding and Sharpening"

High-quality kitchen knife blades have a high Rockwell hardness and a thin blade cross section.  

The blades are manually ground on a large wet grindstone; a process that requires the sensitive touch and skill of an experienced craftsperson. 

To ensure high cutting performance, edge retention and strength, the blade is ground to have a thin, convex cross section and a fine edge. 

It takes experience, dedication, passion and spirit to grind and sharpen top-quality, practical knife blades. 

By rapidly pivoting his hands up and down whilst grinding, the craftsman creates a slightly convex blade with a thin edge.  

3:11~4:14 PASSION 

The spirit, passion, dedication and skillful work of the craftspeople… Each element is necessary to produce the practical, top-quality knives that we wished to bring you.

We believe our Kagayaki knives will satisfy your needs and we hope you will appreciate the craftsmanship, the passion and our pride. 

As each month, year and decade passes by, the times and the generations gradually change. However, we believe the 'essential ingredients' of top-quality, practical knives will never change:

  • The Wisdom of Traditional Crafting Methods
  • True Craftsmanship
  • Spirit and Passion

We will continue to produce practical, top-quality Japanese knives with passion and dependable craftsmanship.

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