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The concept and policy of our "JCK Original" Brand knives
  Since beginning of the JCK business, we have been introducing various Japanese famous brands knives that are the definitely representatives of the world top quality chefs knives backed by the history and traditional techniques. Located in the heart of Japanese cutlery industry, we are very pleased to have been in a position to offer you these fine products directly from the manufacturing districts, and to have been able to contact and receive direct responses from many end-users. We really appreciate and value these opportunities, and have carefully listened customers' responses and reactions.
  Based on these databases and experiences, we realize it's time to create our original line under the new brand name of "JCK Original". This is what we have been searching for many years. The "JCK Original" brand line......., that should be what we can recommend you with confidence and what you can rely on in terms of the quality, function and price.
  In the beginning of new 2009 year,  you will see a new selection of "JCK Original" brand knives, that will set a "New Standard"of the customers' satisfaction among many other existing brands.
  We will continue to search and develop more selections of "JCK Oringinal" brand in future (slowly, but steadily). Thank you very much again for your supports and feedbacks that made our growth and this new project possible.

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