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          Tenmi-Jyuraku Damascus Series (VG-10)


 The VG-10 Cobalt steel is now the most popular blade steel for its sharpness and longer edge retention.

 However, it requires proper technical heat treatments and cares to obtain its best characteristic features. This is what Mr. Nagao, 75 years old skilled Master Craftsman, has always been paying his special attention to in his lifetime knife making work.

 Anyone who now owns and uses his knives (Aogami Super and Gingami No.3 Series) might have proved it for its sharpness and edge retention. In fact, we had many positive feedbacks on his knives.

 As you know the Damascus blade is one of the most popular styles in this generation, and we see many kinds of Damascus kitchen knives from various makers. Many people might choose Damascus blades because of its beautiful and unique looks.

 Mr. Nagao's product policy and first priority is same for his Damascus kitchen knives. You can taste the Maximized VG-10's characters such as sharp, tough, longer edge retention and beauty of Hiromoto original Damascus pattern with these masterpieces of "Tenmi Jyuraku" Damascus Series.

 To achieve these beautiful layers, Mr. Nagao has spent tremendous times for the searches and trials, and has finally created his original processes to turn out outstanding Damascus layers design that is a second to none. There is no exactly same layers in the world.

 Now Mr. Nagao says "This is the genuine Damascus kitchen knife" with his confidence. I agree and understand the Geunine Damascus knife = Experienced craftsman's achieving masterpiece.( Proper and fine processing which requires extra works and skills.)

 We believe his fine works achieved one of the best Damascus kitchen knives in Japan which can be recommended for pro chefs, serious home chefs and collectors.

 New Masterpiece of Japanese kitchen knives knives,  Now Available !!


Here is the details of Tenmi Jyuraku Damascus Series.

Blade: VG10 (HRC 61) blade core with Nickel Damascus Stainless Steel blade. (Layers uncountable)

Handle:  Black Pakka wood handle

                               Edge Shape                    Information For Left Hander


Double Bevel Edge 60/40


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Left Handed Version are available for all models

 About Knife Dimensions (Where we measure for the knife ?)