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      Saji Core-Less Custom Damascus Series

   The advanced Clad technology by Takefu Special Steel Company made it possible to forge welding two different Hagane steels of the VG-10 and VG-2. The micro thin (30 to 40 micro-meter) VG-10 and VG-10 steel are alternately layered and forge welded by folding repeatedly to make this unique Coreless Damascus steel. This is the same wrap discipline process as the Sword-making that makes the Hagane organization finer with  miniaturization of carbide, but it was considered almost impossible to do it for the stainless cutlery steels. This is a new age blade steel you never experienced before in the sharpness, the strength and the layered Damascus pattern. Their test has proved that this Coreless Clad steel is 1.4 times durable to chipping and breaking than the single VG-10 and VG-2 steel, and also was 25% sharper than the VG-10 edge in the cutting test.

   Thanks to Takefu works for this super dream steel. Using this Coreless Damascus steel, Master Saji has proudly come up with new series of kitchen knives. Again, he did not forget to make the blade and handle design something different and unique from other ordinal knives. The polished blade has an unique Damascus patterns of wavy lines on the Hamaguri-ba edge parts and jigsaw puzzle pattern on the rest of blade. Because of the micro-thin coreless edge, the Damascus wavy pattern goes to the edge end, which increases cutting ability like serrations.

   The layered Micarta handle patterns are matching with the blade patterns. The hand contoured and rounded thick handle with finger and groove fits large hand very comfortably. Full tang construction with stainless steel rivets. Your choice of the Black/Grey layered Micarta handle or the Red/Black layered Micarta handle. Comes with Japanese Kiri wood box with red velvet inlay.

                  Edge Shape                          Information For Left Hander
            Double Bevel Edge 50/50     All models are suitable for both right hander left hander's use

SCD-1 Petty 120mm

Black/Grey Linen Micarta Handle is left and Red/Black Linen Micarta Handle is right in the picture


(5.1 inch)

Total Length:240mm
Blade Thickness:2.4mm
Total Weight: 170g




  Petty 155mm
(6.1 inch)

Total Length:275mm
Blade Thickness:2.4mm
Total Weight: 220g


SCD-4 Gyuto210mm

Red/Black Linen Micarta Handle is left and Black/Grey Linen Micarta Handle is right in the picture


(7.4 inch)

Total Length:305mm
Blade Thickness:2.4mm
Total Weight: 242g
$360.00  SOLD OUT
 SCD-4  Gyuto230mm
(9 inch)
Total Length:350mm
Blade Thickness:2.4mm
Total Weight: 295g
$390.00  SOLD OUT


(10 inch)

Total Length:385mm
Blade Thickness:2.4mm
Total Weight: 345g


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