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                     Substitution for HD Out of Stock items

ryusen-damascus-blade.jpg  Ryusen Damascus Blade


  As announced you, we are now in a short supply on the Hattori HD knives. As the substitution, we would like to offer you the free engraving service of your personal name on the plain blade of Rusen Damascus kitchen knives, which is same knife as Hattori HD series.

 When ordering through shopping cart, you can type request words or any names to be engraved (please limit to maximum 10 letters) on the bold box.


       Petty 105mm Total Length:208mm Blade Thickness:2mm   Total Weight: 73g            $74.95   Sold Out 
     Petty 135mm Total Length:238mm Blade Thickness:2mm   Total Weight: 78g         $79.95   Sold Out 
     Petty 150mm Total Length:258mm Blade Thickness:2mm   Total Weight: 89g         $99.95  Sold Out  
 ryusen-damascus-gyuto240mm.jpg Ryusen Damascus Gyuto
   Gyuto 180mm Total Length:305mm Blade Thickness:3mm   Total Weight: 180g            $114.95   Sold Out  
     Gyuto 210mm Total Length:335mm Blade Thickness:3mm   Total Weight: 192g            $134.95  Sold Out  

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