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                 Mizuno Tanrenjo   Custom Order Shop

 mizuno craftsmen.jpg  Traditional Master Craftsman, Mr. Mizuno's fine products have been highly admired among our customers. Now we can provide new service for JCK customers with his special co-operation.  

  Mr. Mizuno will custom make your own knife with your selection of the blade and handle materials and finishes.

  Your knife can be one of a kind and original custom made to order.  

 We are proud to introduce the art of Mizuno Tanrejo Japaenese Traditional style knives.

  This Service is only available for your new purchasing of Mizuno Tanrenjo products.
 (Sorry, GF-26, GF-27 Chinese Cleaver items can not be available with these service.)


       Here are the ordering steps to make your own custom made knife.It's easy !

Step 1. First, you order the regular model from the Mizuno products through the usual shopping cart.

Step 2. Then, you go to the option selection page, and choose the materials, shapes and finishes for the handle and blade.


 For Example, here is our sample ordering process of custom order made Mizuno Special Yanagiba                                                       


Blade shape and Materials* GF4 Hontanren Series (Blue Steel No.2) Yanagiba 270mm with Black Color Water Buffalo horn bolster 

 Handle*  Octagon shape Ebonywood handle

Blade Finishing* Mirror polish on both sides of blade


BLADE Shape and Material 

 You can choose your blade shape and material from below Mizuno Tanrenjo selections.

1.  HonKasumi Series (White Steel No.2)

2.  Hontanren Series (Blue Steel No.2)

3.  Ao Hagane DX Series (Blue Steel No.1)

4. Honyaki DX Series (Blue Steel No.2) and Honyaki Series (White Steel No.2) 

You can choose your handle from 3 choices as below.

  Round Shape Japanese Magnolia wood handle (D Shape)

*Mizuno regular selections come with  this shape and   this material handle


 No Additional Charge   

  Octagon Shape Japanese Magnolia wood handle

Additional +$28.00  


        Octagon Shape Ebonywood handle

Additional cost +$90.00 


 Blade Finishing (Mr. Mizuno's Special Mirror polish)

  For the blade finishing, Mr.Mizuno's special Mirror polish service is available. 

   It is also possible, you can choose the mirror polish on only one side, either the face side or the opposite side.

 Mirror Polish on both sides of blade
                                Additional $100.00   

 Mirror Polish on only face side
                                Additional $60.00  

 Mirror Polished on only opposite side
                                Additional $60.00  




Now, you have completed custom ordering process and will be proud owner of beautiful art, one of a kind Mizuno Tanrenjo Japanese Traditional style knife.

 If you will have any questions about Mizuno Custom Order Shop, please contact us by Email




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