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kanetsugu.gif KANETSUGU

  JCK is pleased to introduce "Extremely Sharp" knives from Kanetsugu, the legendary Swordsmith in Seki started in the Teiwa period (1345-1349). The tradition and ancient technique have been passed down generations to generations for over 660 years. Mr. Mitsuyasu Kawamura, the current generation and owner of Kanetsugu, has recently developed "PRO-M" and "PRO-S" series Chef's knives that bring ancient Katana sharpness to modern Chef's knives through tradition and high technology.

  We have exhibited these knives at the Las Vegas Gourmet Show in May. Mr. Kawamura was there to demonstrate and conduct "Cutting Test" at the show. We have also visited one of the culinary school in Las Vegas for the cutting demonstration. Everybody involved was amazed with their incredible sharpness. Here is the comment from one of the door prize lucky winners, :

  "I have received  the Kanetsugu ProM Gyuto knife at the Personal Chef's Convention for PCN this month, and just  wished to tell you how great this knife is. I have a set of Shun's which I love, but Kanetsugu Pro M Chef's Knife blows them away. I have added my name for your newsletter. Are you planning on adding this line on the web site?

Thank You So Much.   Lance W. Lemke   Lemke's Custom Home Meals"

 We are now ready to deliver these amazingly sharp knives, and would like you to experience the real Katana sharpness.

 Notice to Russian Customer: There is a sole distributor of Kanetsugu knives in Russia. You can purchase Kanetsugu knives from them.

Pro M Series

Blade Material  Molybdenum Vanadium
Stainless Steel
Blade Kinds  Petty, Santoku, Honesuki, Gyuto, Sujihiki,
 Edge Shape Double Bevel Edge 50/50 
HRC  57 

Pro S Series

Blade Material  Molybdenum Vanadium
Stainless Steel
Blade Kinds  Petty, Santoku, Honesuki, Gyuto Sujihiki,
 Edge Shape  Double Bevel Edge 50/50
HRC  57 

Pro J Series

Blade Material  ZA-18
Blade Kinds  Petty, Santoku, Gyuto, Slicer
 Edge Shape Double Bevel Edge 50/50
HRC  60 to 61 

Saiun Damascus Serie
Blade Material  VG-10 core forged with Damascus Stainless steel blade 
Blade Kinds  Paring, Petty, Santoku, Gyuto, Slicer
 Edge Shape Double Bevel Edge 50/50 
HRC  60 to 61 

Hybrid Wabocho Series
Blade Material Molybdenum Vanadium
Stainless Steel
Blade Kinds  Yanagiba, Deba
 Edge Shape Single Bevel Edge 
HRC   57

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