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Over 100 countries in the world 

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                    Gift Certificate & JCK Gift Wrap

 JCK Gift Certificate
  For your special person and special gift purpose, we have started to provide you with the Gift Certificate Service.
  Even though you would like to send the gift of fine Japanese knives for your special person, Serious Home Chefs and Professional Chefs have high level of policy for their own tools, some of them would like to find the best suitable knife by themselves or it is sometimes difficult for Gift Sender to find the suitable knife for the recipient.

  JCK Gift Certificate will help you more for your gift purpose.  Here are easy 3 steps for ordering the JCK Gift Certificate.

1.     You will select your request amount of Gift Certificate and make online order and payment through its shopping cart by Credit Card or PayPal.

2.     If you would like to send the Gift Certificate to your special person by Email, while the online order process, you can enter the Gift Recipientfs Email address along with your message for Gift Recipient. (You can also enter your request date which the Gift Certificate will be delivered to the Gift Recipient)

   Or if you prefer to pass the Gift Certificate to your special person by yourself, you can print out the Gift Certificate for this purpose too. (In this case, you donft need to enter the Gift Recipientfs Email address while the online order process.

jck gift wrap 3pcs.jpg

 Thank you very much for being our customers and shopping with us.

 We have prepared above 3 types of gorgeous Gift Wrap for your shopping. With your purchasing kitchen knives or items, you can request JCK Gift Wrap from above 3 kinds at your cost 1 cent = US$0.01 through our shopping cart below.

 If you would like to order more than 2 kichen knives and would like us to make Gift Wrap separately for each, we can accept your request.  Please contact us at

 We will look forward to your request and we hope you will enjoy shopping with us and you will find your special gift with us.

Sincerely Yours

Koki Iwahara / JapaneseChefsKnife.Com


JCK Gift Wrap 

A Type. Christmas Colorjck gift wrap christmas version.png

     Gift Wrap A Type
         1 Cent ( $0.01 )


B Type. Floral Patternjck gift wrap floral pattern2.png

      Gift Wrap B Type
          1 Cent ( $0.01 )

C Type. Cherry blossomgift wrap chrry blossams.png

      Gift Wrap C Type
     1 Cent ( $0.01 )

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