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Information for Left Handers

For Left Handers


  If you are left hander and especially you are a beginning user (who does not have an experience of using or sharpening Japanese kitchen knives), please note the following information about the blade bevel edge and left handed version to choose your proper knives.



About Western Style Kitchen Knives

(Yo-Bocho. Such as Petty, Santoku, Gyuto)


  Generally, Japanese kitchen knives are designed for right hand use with a slightly thicker and rounded grinding on the right side blade and a less rounded (almost straight flat) grinding on the left side blade. However, both right hander and left hander can use the knives which have double bevel edge sharpened  50/50 (suitable edge shape for both right and left hander's use) 


  However, some Japanese Kitchen knife makers produce double bevel edge sharpened 70/30 for Western Style Kitchen knives. (One side edge is sharpened more) We heard the idea of this blade edge shape came from Japanese Traditional style knifefs single bevel edge with Shinogi blade construction. This is one of the characteristics and reasons why Japanese kitchen knives have an excellent cutting performance.


  Double bevel edge 70/30 is designed for right hand use. But it is possible to adjust to make the edge shape to 50/50 or 30/70 for left hand use by re-sharpening with whetstone.


  For those who donft have experience to re-sharpen knives by whetstone and would like to use our kitchen knife craftsmanfs professional sharpening service, we are ready to do it here for you for the following brands knives that have Double Bevel Edge 70/30.

(Most of Honesuki (Boning Knife) and some of Sujihiki and Western Deba are designed for only right hand use.) 



1.     Masamoto Western Style Kitchen Knives (VG Series, ST Series, HC Series, ST Series).


 Masamoto's Craftsmen make proper edge shape 30/70 for left handers with some additional charge. 



2. Misono Western Style Kitchen Knives (Molybdenum Steel Series, Sweden Steel Series, 440 Series, UX10 Series, Molybdenum Steel with Dimples Series, UX10 with Dimples Series)


 Misono's Craftsmen make left handed version of blades (Proper blade grind angle, edge shape), blade logo also comes with opposite side of blade.


Misono left handed version prices

15% up from regular price for Paring, Petty, Santoku, Gyuto, Sujihiki,  

30% up from regular price for Honesuki (Boning Knife, Hankotsu), Western Deba, Garasuki, Blades with Dimples, Serrated Blade



3.Hiromoto Western Style Kitchen Knives (Gingami No.3 Series, Aogami Super Series, Damascus Series)


 Current Hiromoto Aogami Super, Gingami No.3 and Tenmi Jyuraku Damascus Series products have double bevel edge 60/40 shape.


 If you (left hander) would like left handed version, Hiromoto's Craftsmen reset and make proper blade grind angle and edge shape for left handers. Additional cost $18 required.  



4. Glestain Western Style kitchen knives


  Glestain makes left handed version as special order. (Blade logo and dimples are put on opposide side of blade. Edge shape,blade grind angle is adjusted for left hander). Glestain left handed version at 30% up price.



5. Fujiwara Kanefusa Western Style kitchen knives

  Fujiwara's craftsmen make proper edge shape for left handers at 10% up price.


6. Chinese Cleaver

  Many of Chinese Cleavers have double bevel edge 50/50. Both right and left hander can use them. Among our Chinese Cleaver selections, below items have double bevel edge 70/30 for right hand use. If you would like professional craftsman's sharpening service, we can prepare double bevel edge 30/70 or 50/50 of above Chinese Cleavers for left hand use.


Suien SSC-01 Chinese Cleaver

KAGAYAKI KG-20, KG-25, KG-30 Chinese Cleaver



   Many of Japanese knife makers make 50/50 double bevel edge version. Both Right and Left Handers can use these items. Among our selections, below products have double bevel edge 50/50.

 (Most of Honesuki (Boning Knife) and some of Sujihiki, Western Deba are designed for only right hand use.) 


Hattori HD Series 


Hattori Forums FH Series


Hattori KD Series


Mr. Itou R-2 Custom Damascus kitchen knives 


JCK Original Kagayaki VG-10 Series


JCK Original Kagayaki Aogami Super Series


JCK Gekko Damascus Series

Mr. Tanaka R-2 Custom Damascus Kitchen Knives


Ryusen Blazen


Hiromoto Aogami Super Series & Tenmi Jyuraku Damascus Series 

SHIKI Damascus Premium Series & SHIKI Tsuchime Damascus Series & SHIKI Custom Limited Edition

Kanetsugu Pro M Series and Pro S Series



  We list additional information about left handed version on each Series page. But if you will have any questions about left handed version, please feel free to contact us.




About Japanese Traditional Style Kitchen Knives

(Wa-Bocho. Such as Yanagiba, Usuba, Deba, etc.)

 Single Bevel Edge with SHINOGI construction blade. The opposite side of blade is almost flat grind with slightly concaved shape. Japanese Traditional Style knives have unique shape blades, and each blade style has a specific cutting purpose. We can feel Japanese soul of the Tradition and history from them.  Single Bevel Edge of Japanese Traditional style knives were popular and main kitchen tools for Japaense people before the Western cultures and tools (foods, living style, the way of cooking, etc) came to Japan.  

In this generation, Japanese Western Style Kitchen Knives(such as Petty, Santoku, Gyuto) are rather common and popular among Japanese people. But Japanese Traditional style knives are still Professional Chef's necessary and common tools for cooking Japanese foods such as Sushi, and cutting fine shape of fresh Sashimi (Raw-fish). Also popular tools for home users and knife collectors who demand fine cutting performance and fine art of Japanese Traditions.

 Single Bevel Edge of Japanese Traditional Style knives are designed for only Right Hander's use. Masamoto and Mizuno Tanrenjo make left handed version of Japanese Traditional style knives that can be specially ordered at 50% up from regular prices. (Due to a small demand for left handed version in domestic market, Makers require to set 50% up price for Left Handed version, as they have to make the reverse ground blades from the first step. They try to carry some inventories, but when in out of stock,  it may take approximate 30 days for delivery.)



How To Make Order and Payment Process for Left Handed Version

1. You can ask for the quotation and availability for your desired left handed items by Email.
Once you decide to order, please email us your order list.

2. You will shortly receive the PayPal Invoice from us. The PayPal Invoice makes easy, fast and secured payment process by PayPal or Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, Amex, Discover).

3. After the order and payment are completed, we will process your order of left handed knives as quickly as possible, and let you know of the order confirmation and shipping information by email.