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         Kanetsugu Hybrid Wa-Bocho Series

  Many people know the great cutting performance of Single Bevel Edge Japanese Traditional Style knives called “Wa-Bocho”. Recently Japanese foods (Sushi) are getting well known and more popular in all over the world.  Great sharpness, yet detailed and precise cutting performance of Japanese Traditional style knives are necessary tools for preparing fresh Sashimi, Sushi.

  We have been introducing Japan’s top brands Wa-Bocho of Masamoto and Mizuno Tanrenjo. They are the ones which we can recommend for professional users with confidence, backed by ancient method of Japanese Sword-making tradition and soul..

  Most of Japanese Traditional style knives are made of Carbon steel materials, that requires extra cares and maintenance. We have been looking for the Stainless steel Wa-Bocho that are reasonable price and easy maintenance for the first and beginning users, and here are the new Kanetsugu Wa-Bocho line that fits perfectly for the demands.

  Single Bevel Edge with a slightly concaved flat back, solid High Carbon Molybdenum Vanadium Stainless steel blade is hand sharpened with Japanese whetstone for excellent cutting performance. 

  As we see in the market, Magnolia Wood Handle with Water buffalo horn bolster is the common and standard handle material for Japanese Traditional style knives. Mr. Kawamura has been researching and challenged for different material, construction and design for extra advantages. The full blade tang is injection molded with dark blue heat-resistant ABS resin bolster/butt-end and silver anodized aluminum grip to prevent water getting into the handle for sanitary and rust resistance. The septangle shaped handle is also very unique and comfortable in your handle. When you look and hold the knife, you will feel a totally different texture and atmosphere.     

  For those who will start learning Japanese Food cooking, and are considering to own first Japanese Traditional style knives, or looking for something different design and materials with the extra advantages, we recommend this innovative design, yet considered for practical use and great cutting performance of Kanetsugu Japanese Traditional style knives.

  Total 6 kinds of new sensational, modern and practical Japanese Traditional style knives are now available for sale !!

                                Edge Shape Information For Left Hander


Single Bevel Edge (Designed for only Right Hander's use)


  Sorry, Left Handed Version are not available  

 Small Deba 105mm 
HW-1 Small Deba 105mm
(4.1 inch)
Total Length:225mm   BladeThickness:2.8mm Total Weight:104g




Available in Stock 
HW-2 Small Deba 120mm
(4.7 inch)
Total Length:240mm   BladeThickness:3.6mm Total Weight:149g




Available in Stock  
Deba 165mm
HW-3 Deba 150mm
(5.9 inch)
Total Length:280mm   BladeThickness:5mm Total Weight:264g




Available in Stock
 HW-4 Deba 165mm
(6.4 inch) 
Total Length:300mm   BladeThickness:5mm
Total Weight:297g
$90.00 Available in Stock
 Yanagiba 240mm
HW-5 Yanagiba 210mm
(8.2 inch)
Total Length:340mm   BladeThickness:2.8mm Total Weight:144g 




Available in Stock 
HW-6 Yanagiba 240mm
(9.4 inch)
Total Length:375mm   BladeThickness:2.8mm Total Weight:168g 




Available in Stock 
HW-7 Yanagiba 270mm
(10.6 inch)
Total Length:405mm   BladeThickness:2.8mm Total Weight:185g 




Available in Stock
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