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   HIROMOTO Professional Chef Knives produced by Mr. Futoshii Nagao

  Hiromoto company is producing professional quality Cheffs knives for decades in Seki City, dedicating ancient technique  and sprit of  Takumi  (sword smith) with 780years of  sword making tradition.

  After years of research and work with Hitachi Yasugi Metallurgical Research Laboratory, Hiromoto company came up with Tenmi-Jyuraku series of professional quality Cheffs knives with high performance and durability. Tenmi-Jyuraku means gJoy of cooking with taste of hearth.

  Just like it is important for professional chef to faithfully create their original tastes and freshness of the specific food materials in the recipes, it is also important for professional knife craftsman to bring up the original steel characters to the maximum performance. Mr. Nagao (president of Hiromoto company) has a rich experience, knowledge and technique in this matter. He has visited Hitachi steel plant in Yasugi-city, Shimane-prefecture many times, and studied and selected two fine steels, Gingami No.3 as the best Stainless blade knives and Aogami Super as the best Carbon blade knives.

Important Notice About Hiromoto Knives

  Master Futoshi Nagao (Owner of Hiromoto company) is now 78 years old. We love his knifemaking policy and passion.  His knives are always powerful and have outstanding cutting performance.

    However we really regret to have to make this announcement from Master Nagao (Hiromoto company).  He has decided to slow down his work and stop making Hiromoto Tenmi Jyuraku brand knives due to his old age. Unfortunately, he does not have a son or young disciple to succeed Hiromoto Companyfs business. Accordingly, once the Hiromoto knives got sold out and out of stock, we can no longer get them and have to discontinue the Tenmi Jyuraku line. In fact, some of Hiromoto knives already got completely sold out and out of stock. But we have tried our best to keep Master Nagaofs superb knives in our inventory as much as we can for our JCK customers.

    We are very sorry for his decision, and would like to urge you not to miss this last chance to acquire the Hiromoto Tenmi Jyuraku Knives.

UP!     Master Nagao Final Collection
    VG-10 Nickel Damascus Gyuto 210mm

After Master Nagao retired last year due to his old age and lack of successors, we have received many messages from his fans expressing regret at the news and messages recognizing his achievements and praising the high quality of his kitchen knives.

  We were also shocked to hear the news about Master Nagao's retirement, but we know that his passion and craftsmanship will continue to live in his knives and will never be forgotten.

  His strong devotion to creating the perfect sharpness and to researching the best way to achieve it made a very strong impression on anyone who knew him.

  Tenmi Jyuraku Aogami Super was his steel kitchen knife masterpiece fully embodying his vision. The Tenmi Jyuraku Damascus series was a series of great Damascus knives combining style and sharpness, characteristic of Nagao's unique works.

  Towards the end of his long career, Master Nagao created the VG-10 nickel Damascus Gyuto 210

  He managed to create a Damascus pattern like never seen before by incorporating his entire forging skill acquired throughout the years. The pattern of gentle waves beginning at the top of the blade turns into a more irregular and detailed Damascus pattern close to the edge. Knives with such an unusual Damascus design are rare, as this is an original pattern created in Master Nagao's unique forging process.

  Gyuto 210o, the most popular tool with both home cooks and professional chefs is now ready.

  Perfect for the end of the Nagao knife collection, these knives are beautiful and filled with his unique ideas. This last work vibrates with Master Nagao's unending search for the perfect sharpness. We hope you pay them the respect they deserve as the last pieces of the Nagao collection, and we hope you continue to enjoy using them for many years to come.

  Master Nagao is currently 80 years old. He is still completely dedicated to knife making and continues to work at the factory every day. Regarding the future of Japanese knives, he believes that he needs to pass on the know-how of good knife-making to the future creators and craftsmen and continues to work towards this goal.@

  Here and now we would like to express out gratitude for Master Nagao's great work and to convey our respect for all the kitchen knives born out of his hands. We hope that you continue to cherish them as very special knives.

Master Nagao Final Collection Damascus Gyuto 210mm

 Master Nagao
Final Collection


Cutting edge length: 210mm Total Length: 335mm  Blade Thickness: 2.6mm Blade Width: 46mm
Handle Length:116mm
Total Weight: 196g

$250.00 Available Now 

Master Nagao Masterpiece of Honyaki White Steel #2 Gyuto and Sujihiki

    Master Futoshi Nagao, the owner of Hiromoto company has now turned to 78 years old.  He is one of famous and great experienced craftsmen in Seki City Japan.

  Our office is very close to Hiromoto company, therefore, I often have a chance to see his knife making processes and listen to his knife making history and policy.  It is always exciting for me to learn many things from experienced craftsmen. In fact, Master Nagao is one of our favorite and respected craftsmen. Many of our customers are fans of his knives, especially Hiromoto Aogami Super Series knives that are popular Carbon steel knives among serious users and professionals.

   Unfortunately, we regret that he does not have a son or an apprentice who continues Hiromoto companyfs business. 78 years old of experienced Craftsman Master Nagao is starting to reduce his working recently and he has already discontinued some models because of his old age.

    However, Master Nagao is very passionate craftsman yet who is very aggressive for challenging the new methods to seek and achieve something better.  For example, he has been still learning and trying his best to create the Superb Honyaki knives with White Steel #2..  By reducing his main jobs, he said he can now spend more times and concentrate to make what he has been dreaming. We totally understand he is a true craftsman who loves knife making, and believe his fine works remain forever.

    Master Nagao continues making popular Carbon steel knives gHiromoto Aogami Super Seriesh and beautiful Damascus knives gTenmi Jyuraku Damascus Seriesh until he will be completely retired (until he can continue making knives and keep his good health for knife making).  We really wish his good health and good life, and more of our customers enjoy the outstanding performance of Hiromoto knives.

 One day in the year 2013, when I visited Hiromoto Company, Mr. Nagao was concentrating to producing Honyaki Gyuto. At that time, it seems he was feeling very well because he finally found the best method for the Honyaki making process after a lot of trial&error. (he has been trying Honyaki Gyuto for over 30 years now). I totally respect his passion and effort for making knives and I also realized how deep and how difficult the knife making is, even over 50 years of experience craftsman still struggles, trying to find something.

    Now in April 2014,  we have just received a great news from Master Nagao that his  masterpieces of Honyaki White Steel #2 kitchen knives are finally coming up. This is the moment we have been waiting for long, so I hastened to visit his workshop to see them.

    Master Nagao explains the Honyaki is the Japanfs original kitchen knife from long time ago, producing in same methods of Japanese sword (Katana) making. As you know, Japanese swords are made in unique and traditional methods, that creates an amazing cutting performance as well as a beauty of its appearance. Master Nagao believes the ancient Japanese craftsmen and forge-smiths had to find out their own ways and ideas to make better swords and edged tools, as it was difficult to get any knowledge from the abroad due to the isolated small island. The result was the something special and unique in their characteristics and performances that are different from European and  Western Knives. Honyaki knife is a good example of the Japanfs original produced with traditional and unique methods.

    Honyaki knife is made of a solid one-piece steel material. For quenching process,  Master Nagao sticks to the water quenching to maximize the steelfs characteristics and remarkable cutting performance. He believes the Water Quenching is the best way to stabilize the precise chemical organization of the steel for durability with sharper edge and longer edge retention. However, it is a very difficult process that requires special technique and skill. Even with his long experience and skilled Master Craftsman, he says he sometimes fails, if not concentrated with his all nerves. He showed me some of the failed Honyaki blades with cracking..

    Master Nagao has been searching the best result of the Water Quenching with lots of struggling and trial&errors, and finally found the importance of a proper temperature of the water and subtle amount of clay put on the blade to adjust the hardness of each part of the blade. He also studied and obtained the best quality clay to be used for Honyaki Water Quenching. This clay process is called gTsuchi-Okih as seen on the Japanese sword making, and features beautiful gHamonh patterns near edge. I realized how important every detailed Honyaki process is and admire his pursuit mind to create the finest Honyaki blades.

    Master Nagao has a long time experience with Hitachi White Steel #2 (Shiro-Ko #2) and he believes it is one of the most practical Carbon Steel material. It is a pure Carbon steel material that makes remarkable cutting performance and ease of re-sharpening.  Many years ago, Master Nagao had special order request from Japanfs oldest hotel gTeikoku Hotelf (Imperial Hotel in Tokyo). Mr. Murakami, a head chef of the hotel asked him to make best Honyaki Gyuto knives using Hitachi White Steel #2. This was a start of the struggling and hard work for Master Nagao to study Honyaki process. After a lot of trials&errors and many years of practicing and researching, Master Nagao has finally came up with his original Honyaki White Steel #2 Gyuto that made Mr. Murakami happy and satisfaction.

    Many people are still not familiar with Honyaki blades because of its high price range or some people hesitate to own and use Honyaki which is often told to be more difficult to re-sharpen or using for its high hardness. However, Master Nagao says good Honyaki knives are the most practical Carbon steel knives with easier re-sharpening than you think, and will serve you years of outstanding cutting performance and durability with proper maintenance.

    Long experienced and great craftsman, Master Nagao has been working hard to turn out fine line of his original Japanese Hocho (kitchen knives) for decades. He says this Honyaki line is his culmination products from his long careers, and is preparing to retire sooner or later for his age. I know the Honyaki knives were one of the goals he wanted to achieve, but do hope it will not be his final masterpiece.

    We are proud to introduce Master Nagao and Japanfs Original Kitchen knives gHonyaki White Steel #2 Gyuto and Sujihikih. Now Available!

Honyaki Gyuto 270mm

White Steel #2

(9.4 inch)

Cutting edge length: 240mm Total Length: 370mm  Blade Thickness: 2.2mm Blade Width: 49mm
Handle Length:120mm
Total Weight: 214g



White Steel #2

(10.5 inch)

Cutting edge length: 265mm Total Length: 395mm  Blade Thickness: 2.5mm Blade Width: 51mm
Handle Length:120mm
Total Weight: 268g






Honyaki Sujihiki 270mm

White Steel #2

(10.5 inch)

Cutting edge length: 270mm Total Length: 405mm  Blade Thickness: 2.5mm
Blade Width: 40mm
Handle Length: 128mm
Total Weight: 212g



Tenmi Jyuraku Gingami No.3 Series

Blade Material  Gingami No.3
Blade Kinds  Petty, Santoku, Gyuto, Sujihiki, Western Deba
 Edge Shape Double Bevel Edge 70/30 
 HRC 59 to 60 

 Tenmi Jyuraku Aogami Super Series

Blade Material Aogami Super
Blade Kinds  Petty, Santoku, Gyuto,
 Edge Shape Double Bevel Edge 60/40
HRC  63 to 64 

Img761.jpgTenmi Jyuraku Damascus Series (VG-10) 

Blade Material VG-10 core forged with Nickel Damascus Stainless steel blade 
Blade Kinds  Petty, Santoku, Gyuto
 Edge Shape Double Bevel Edge 60/40 
HRC  61 



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