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 UP!!                                  FKJ Series
 Fujiwara Kanefusa Traditional Forged knife Series

This time, we introduce these unique & reasonable price range Japanese Traditional forged knives from Fujiwara Kanefusa.

 Fujiwara Kanefusa Hamon Damascus Knives

 At my first glance of this unique Damascus Carbon steel blade, it remains us the beautiful, aggressive & irregular layer patterns of Japanese Swordfs Hamon.

 Beautiful Hamon style Damascus blade has White Steel #2 core forge layered with soft iron, so the entire blade has possibility to get rust and discolor, yet you can enjoy high cutting performance and ease of re-sharpening with purity Carbon steel Material White Steel #2 blade.

 It comes with popular gD Shaped Magnolia wooden handle with Water Buffalo horn ferruleh

 For those who are seeking traditional forged knives at reasonable price ranges, and yet would like to taste the Japanese Traditional taste and fine cutting performance, we can recommend these Japanese Traditional Style knives from Fujiwara Kanefusa.

 Due to the hand hammer forging process, the spine near the handle remains thicker than normal knives, but it is hand tapered down toward the cutting edge and the blade tip for the fine cutting performance.

Edge Shape Information For Left Hander

Double Bevel Edge 50/50

Sorry, Left Handed Version are not available
(The Handle is designed for Right Hander's use)

FHD-1 Wa Santoku 170mm

FHD-1 Wa Santoku 170mm Cutting edge length:170mm
Total Length:305mm Blade Thickness:4mm
Blade Width:47mm
Total Weight: 121g
$113.00  Available Now

FHD-2 Nakiri 165mm

FHD-2  Nakiri 165mm Cutting edge length:165mm
Total Length:315mm Blade Thickness:3mm
Blade Width:51mm
Total Weight: 132g
$113.00 Available Now
 Fujiwara Kanefusa Black Forged Nakiri (Kurouchi)

 Black Forged (Kurouchi) White Steel #2 core sandwiched with soft iron.

 The outer black colored soft iron part is special coated for unique luster and better protection of the possible rust and discolor.

 Blade core (White Steel#2) may get rust and discolors easily, but it is a natural feature of unique Kurouchi Carbon steel knife with much easier maintenance.

 Comes with D Shaped Magnolia wooden handle with Water Buffalo Horn ferrules.

FKB-1  Nakiri 165mm Cutting edge length:165mm
Total Length:315mm Blade Thickness:4mm
Blade Width:51mm
Total Weight: 144g
$83.00  Available Now


                                                      FKV Series

 FKV Series. Cutting edge core is made of V Gold Stainless Steel (HRC60) forging welded with a special stainless stee. Unlike caron steel made kitchen knives, FKV knives have rust resistance and you can still taste its high cutting performance. Round shape Japanese magnolia wooden handle comes with Water Buffao's Horn bolster.
On the blade, there are words engraved "Fujiwara Kanefusa" in Kanji.

From begiing users to Pro Sushi chefs, quality stainless steel blade Fujiwara FKV Series Japanese Traditional Style knives are recomended.


Edge Shape    Information For Left Hander


  Single Bevel Edge (Designed for only Right Hander's use)

(No.36 Nakiri 165mm has double bevel edge 50/50. But the handle is designed for right hander's use)  



      Sorry, Left Handed Version are not available



No.31 Yanagiba 180mm
(7 inch)
Total Length:305mm Blade Thickness:3mm   Total Weight: 84g  






Available in Stock
No.32 Yanagiba 210mm
(8.2 inch)
Total Length:330mm Blade Thickness:3mm   Total Weight: 115g  




Available in Stock
No.33 Yanagiba 240mm
(9.4 inch)
Total Length:380mm Blade Thickness:3mm   Total Weight: 133g  





Available in Stock
 No.34 Yanagiba 270mm
(10.6 inch)
Total Length:410mm Blade Thickness:3mm   Total Weight: 162g  








Available in Stock
No.35 Yanagiba 300mm
(11.8 inch)
Total Length:mm Blade Thickness:mm   Total Weight: g  






Available in Stock 
 Nakiri 165mm

No.36 Nakiri 165mm
(6.4 inch)
Total Length:405mm    Blade Thickness:3.5mm
Total Weight: 135g






Available in Stock  

No.37 Deba165mm
(6.4 inch)
Total Length:315mm Blade Thickness:7.2mm   Total Weight: 278g  






Available in Stock 
No.38 Deba 180mm
(7 inch)
Total Length:335mm Blade Thickness:7.8mm   Total Weight: 353g  










Available in Stock  













































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