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Ichiro Hattori, the Stubborn Craftsman who Never Compromises to any quality issues

   He is now 76 years old. His knife making career has started at the age of 18, when he joined his farther's kitchen knife factory "Masahiro" in Seki. In 1971, he has opened his own workshop and started producing his own brand high quality kitchen knives and hunting knives. The "Hattori"brand knives have quickly gained great reputations from the end users both in domestic and overseas for the finest workmanship.

    In the final finishing work, he gives his special care to check every detail, blade grinding and  polishing flows, warping, angles and handle shaping, fitting etc etc... Every knife that does not meet with his strict quality standard, is returned to be reworked from the begining or thrown away.

    His "Never Compromise" attidude to seek the finest workmanship has made him called as  "World's Best Knife Craftsman". He was also honored to receive "Excellent Skilled Craftsman Award" from Seki Knife Industrial Association. When you hold his knife in hand and actually use it, you will know and admit that he really deserve it.

    We would like everyone to experience his fine work, but his production is very limited due to the time consuming hand works. We will try to maintain as many inventories as possible, and will update  the inventory condition everyday. If however you find your knife not in stock,  please email us for next availability and  reservation.      

UP!! Sep 3rd Master Hattori 's Lecture on July,2015
(Click for more information and history about Master Hattori)

            "JCK Original  Hattori Forums FH Series"

   Designed by Knife Forums members and hand made by premier knife craftsman, Mr.Hattori

  Thanks to Knife Forums members for their design work, and this is the result of our collaborative design work for over 1 year to turn out the most practical designs and selections.

Blade Material  VG-10
Blade Kinds  Parer, Petty, Santoku, Boning Knife, Gyuto, Wa Gyuto, Sujihiki,
Western Deba, Chinese Cleaver
 Edge Shape Double Bevel Edge 50/50  
HRC 60 to 61 


HD Series

Blade Material VG-10 core forged with Nickel Damascus Stainless steel blade 
Blade Kinds Petty, Santoku, Nakiri, Gyuto,
Honesuki, Sujihiki, Carving Knife,Western Deba
 Edge Shape Double Bevel Edge 50/50 
HRC  60 to 61 

KD Series

Blade Material Cowry X core forged with Nickel Damascus Stainless steel blade
Blade Kinds  Petty, Santoku, Gyuto
 Edge Shape Double Bevel Edge 50/50 
HRC  63 to 67 

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