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                Glestain Special Purpose Knives

                               Edge Shape                    Information For Left Hander


                  Double Bevel Edge 50/50

 (415TK Boning, 420TK Garasuki have Single Bevel Edge)           


  Left Handed Version are available for all models

                             Ask for the Price



Glestain 415TK Boning 150mm

Japanese kitchen knives has very thin blade. When you will cut fish, chicken bones, Thick and heavier blade, Boning knife, Garasuki and Western Deba are one of knives for these purpose.

Petty, Gyuto, Santoku,Sujibiki (Slicer) are not designed for cutting bones.

   415TK   Boning 150mm






 420tk garasuki 190mm1.jpg   Glestain 420TK Garasuki 190mm

   420TK  Garasuki 190mm    $230.00    

 224wk 220wk 216wk.jpg  Glestain 216WK (Below), 220WK (Above)

   216WK  WesternDeba 160mm




   220WK  WesternDeba 200mm




   224WK  WesternDeba 240mm







Glestain 021TSK Sole Knife (Fillet knife) 210mm  Flexible blade           


      SoleKnife             (Fillet Knife)     210mm   Flexible


     Sole Knife         (Fillet Knife)     250mm   Flexible



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