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JCK Original •——щΎR Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan
                                           White Steel No.1 Wa Series

    This is our new attempt and new concept for JCK Original Brand.  We would like to concentrate more to Wa-style Japanese Traditional taste forged knives(˜a•—‘Őn•¨) and expand the Wa Style knifefs selections under the•——щΎR brand name.

    •——щΎR is one of the famous Samuraifs favorite words and flag slogan, meaning below.

E  •—@Whirlwinds: Take action swiftly like a whirlwind.

E  —с@Forests: Collect intelligence on the quiet as seen in forests.

E  ‰Î@Flames: Organize the forces to burst into flames.

E  ŽR@Mountains: Even in a protracted struggle, keep as dignified as mountains.

    As the first series of •——щΎR brand, we have closely worked with Master Blacksmith (Swordsmith), Teruyasu Fujiwara in Tokyo.  Through 4th generations, Fujiwara family has been keeping their traditional techniques and knife making processes such as the Hidukuri forging etc. The 4th generation Fujiwara Teruyasu has strong passion and confidence for his traditional knives. He would like to make the knives which can be passed over to next generations, and people can taste and enjoy its special cutting performance as well as the soul of the traditional craftsmanship.

    If we compare to factory made production knives (factory made knives are getting more common in the market, and unfortunately, the popularity of hand forged Traditional style knives and the numbers of blacksmiths are decreasing these days due to the change of lifestyle), there are some noticeable differences between factory made production knives and Hand Forged Traditional style knives. Some people may say Factory machine made knives are something more precise, neat and stable. As the matter of fact, each hand made and hand hammer forged blade varies in shape, size and thickness and looks unmatched and unfinished or not perfect fitting and finishing. However, we believe these are the distinctive taste and characteristics of Japanese traditional hammer forged knives, that can convey you the spirit and soul of the ancient Samurai swordsmiths. We really hope Japan's respected and long history of traditional forged knives will remain as a treasure for knife lovers and next generations, and the current numbers of fine blacksmiths will continue to turn out fine traditional knives .

    The blade core is pure Carbon steel material gWhite Steel #1 (SHIOGAMI No.1)h forge-layered (Tan-setsu) with soft stainless steel, finished with unique Textures called gNASHIJIh in Japanese.(HRC63) In fact, we found there is a fairly big demand for Carbon steel blades, especially from many numbers of professionals and serious users, who prefer to select White Steel blade among other carbon steel blades. The pure Carbon steel gWhite Steelh makes remarkable cutting performance, and ease of re-sharpening. Unlike the stamped or laser-cut blade on the machine made production knives, the forged blade is shaped by hot forging process called gHidukurih. This repeated hand hammering process makes the the Hagane tougher with finer steel chemicals organization, and this is the secret why the forged knives out-perform production knives in the durability and duration of sharpness. The outer soft Stainless steel part has a good rust resistance for easy maintenance and also protects from bending and breaking . (Only blade core part has possibility to get rust or discolor).  

Opposite Side Blade comes with "Teruyasu" Engraving logo in Kanji
. Classic Japanese Traditional Octagon Shape Magnolia Wooden Handle with Water buffalo ferrule

    You can taste Master Fujiwarafs long history of the forging process, techniques, yet these knives meet with current generationfs and userfs needs and demands. We would like to recommend these finely forged traditional knives especially for the people who cares and needs extra cutting performance, for people who would like to try and own the knife which has soul of craftsmanship.

    Each knife is fully sharpened by whetstone hand sharpening process. Total 9 kinds of fine Japanese blades are now available and ready for your cutting tasks.

Due to the hand forging process, the thickness on the blade varies on each model, the blade spine near the handle remains thicker than normal knives, but it tapers to tip consistantly for the great cutting performance.
    We have measured each of knives and found several models are available with Thinner Blade Profile. If you prefer the thinner blade profile (also lighter weight), you can select "Thinner Blade Version" while your online order process through the item's shopping cart. We will carefully select the thinner blade version for your shipment.

                  Edge Shape                          Information For Left Hander
            Double Bevel Edge 50/50     All models are suitable for both right hander left hander's use

W1-1 "Wa Petty 120mm"

W1-1  Wa Petty 120mm
(4.7 inch)
Total Length:250mm Blade Thickness:2.5mn
Total Weight: 59g
$105.00  SOLD OUT
 W1-2 Wa Petty 150mm
(5.9 inch)
Total Length:275mm Blade Thickness:2.6mn
Total Weight: 70g
$115.00 SOLD OUT
W1-3 "Wa Santoku 180mm"

W1-3 Wa Santoku 180mm
(7 inch)
Total Length:335mm Blade Thickness:3.2mn
Total Weight: 135g
$150.00 SOLD OUT
 W1-4 "Nakiri 165mm"

W1-4 Nakiri 165mm
(6.4 inch) 
Total Length:320mm Blade Thickness:3mn
Total Weight: 139g
$150.00 SOLD OUT
NEW!! W1-4H "Honesuki 150mm"
Single Bevel Edge of W1-4H Honesuki 150mm is Versatile knife for special purpose. It is suitable design for regular Honesuki and Deba's purposes. (de-boning process, cuttng a chicken and a fish, filletting a fish.)

W1-4H Honesuki 150mm
(5.9 inch) 
Total Length:290mm Blade Thickness:4mn
Total Weight: 125g
$174.00 SOLD OUT
 W1-6 "Wa Gyuto 240mm"

W1-5 Wa Gyuto 210mm
(8.2 inch)
Total Length:355mm Blade Thickness:3.4mn
Total Weight: 160g
$190.00 SOLD OUT
W1-6 Wa Gyuto 240mm
(9.4 inch) 
Total Length:400mm Blade Thickness:3.8mn
Total Weight: 190g
$230.00 SOLD OUT
W1-7  Wa Gyuto 270mm
(10.6 inch)
Total Length:435mm Blade Thickness:3.8mn
Total Weight: 228g
$270.00 SOLD OUT
 W1-8 "Wa Sujihiki 240mm"

W1-8 Wa Sujihiki 240mm
(9.4 inch) 
Total Length:395mm Blade Thickness:3.5mn
Total Weight: 150g
$220.00  SOLD OUT
W1-9  Wa Sujihiki 270mm
(10.6 inch)
 Total Length:440mm Blade Thickness:3.6mn
Total Weight: 194g
$260.00  SOLD OUT

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