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                                   FKM Series


   Real Japanese SwordSmith Mr.Kanefusa Fujiwara has been making Japanese Sword for more than 500years. Now 24th generation Kanefusa Fujiwara and 25th generation Kanefusa Fujiwara are working for swordmaking. Can you imagine their long time history  of swordmaking? They have been teaching that technique of swordmaking and traditional spirits for next Kanefusa Fujiwara (Usually their son). 

FKM Series. Their techniques of Swordmaking are used for making kitchen knife.  Blade is made of Molybdenum Vanadium Stainless  Steel which has good durability (HRC57 to 58).  On the blade, there is the name "Kanefusa Made" in Kanji.  Full tang handle has natural   color black pakka wood handle with stainless steel bolster, which makes well balance.

                               Edge Shape                    Information For Left Hander


                    Double Bevel Edge 70/30               

No.3 Deba 150mm, No.4 Boning 145mm, No.5, No.6 Sujihiki are designed for only Right Hander's use.

 Left Handed Version are available for Petty, Santoku, Gyuto items

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About Knife Dimensions (Where we measure for the knife ?)

Petty 120mm


 Petty 120mm
(4.7 inch)

Cutting edge length: 120mm Total Length: 230mm  Blade Thickness: 1.8mm
Blade Width: 26mm
Handle Length:100mm
Total Weight: 80g


Available in Stock


Petty 150mm
(5.9 inch)

Cutting edge length: 150mm Total Length: 265mm  Blade Thickness: 1.8mm
Blade Width: 28mm
Handle Length:110mm
Total Weight: 90g






Available in Stock
No.2L  Petty 180mm
(7.0 inch)
Cutting edge length: 180mm Total Length: 295mm  Blade Thickness: 2mm
Blade Width: 31mm
Handle Length:110mm
Total Weight: 99g
$59.00  Available in Stock
Deba 150mm
 No.3 Deba 150mm
(5.9 inch)
Cutting edge length: 160mm Total Length: 280mm  Blade Thickness: 3.8mm
Blade Width: 43mm
Handle Length:115mm
Total Weight: 256g






Boning 145mm
No.4  Boning 150mm
(5.9 inch)
Cutting edge length: 150mm Total Length: 270mm  Blade Thickness: 2.8mm
Blade Width: 40mm
Handle Length:115mm
Total Weight: 167g


Available in Stock
Sujihiki 270mm
 No.5 Sujihiki 240mm
(9.4 inch)
Cutting edge length: 240mm Total Length: 365mm  Blade Thickness: 2.2mm
Blade Width: 34mm
Handle Length:115mm
Total Weight: 157g





Available in Stock
 No.6 Sujihiki 270mm
(10.6 inch)
Cutting edge length: 270mm Total Length: 395mm  Blade Thickness: 2.4mm
Blade Width: 40mm
Handle Length:115mm
Total Weight: 191g






Available in Stock
Santoku 180mm
No.7 Santoku 180mm
(7 inch)
Cutting edge length: 180mm Total Length: 300mm  Blade Thickness: 2.2mm
Blade Width: 47mm
Handle Length:115mm
Total Weight: 165g




Available in Stock
Gyuto 210mm
No.8S  Gyuto 150mm
(5.9 inch)
Cutting edge length: 155mm Total Length: 365mm  Blade Thickness: 2mm
Blade Width: 35mm
Handle Length:110mm
Total Weight: 98g
$65.00 Available in Stock
 No.8 Gyuto 180mm
(7 inch)
Cutting edge length: 185mm Total Length: 305mm  Blade Thickness: 2.2mm
Blade Width: 41mm
Handle Length:115mm
Total Weight: 157g




Available in Stock
No.9  Gyuto 210mm
(8.2 inch)
Cutting edge length: 210mm Total Length: 335mm  Blade Thickness: 2.2mm
Blade Width: 44mm
Handle Length:115mm
Total Weight: 176g




Available in Stock
 No.10 Gyuto 240mm
(9.4 inch)
Cutting edge length: 240mm Total Length: 370mm  Blade Thickness: 2.2mm
Blade Width: 49mm
Handle Length:125mm
Total Weight: 222g




Available in Stock
No.11 Gyuto 270mm
(10.6 inch)
Cutting edge length: 275mm Total Length: 405mm  Blade Thickness: 2.4mm
Blade Width: 55mm
Handle Length:125mm
Total Weight: 268g




Available in Stock
No.12 Gyuto 300mm
(11.8 inch)
Cutting edge length: 300mm Total Length: 435mm  Blade Thickness: 2.4mm
Blade Width: 56mm
Handle Length:123mm
Total Weight: 290g




Available in Stock
NEW!! Western Deba 210mm
No.13 Western Deba210mm
(8.2 inch)
Cutting edge length: 210mm Total Length: 335mm  Blade Thickness: 4.8mm
Blade Width: 49mm
Handle Length:118mm
Total Weight: 325g




Available in Stock
No.14 Western Deba240mm
(9.4 inch)
Cutting edge length: 240mm Total Length: 370mm  Blade Thickness: 4.8mm
Blade Width: 53mm
Handle Length:125mm
Total Weight: 445g




Available in Stock





















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