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July 1st      New Batch      Just Arrived!!

Ռ@Deep Impact

  If I needed to choose a knife to use in daily food preparation, I personally think cutting performance and edge retention would come at the top of my priority list. Moreover, if the knife didnft require much additional care and attention in terms of daily maintenance, it would make my decision that much easier.

  These new products named gSyogekih which means gDeep Impacth would be among my choices as they match well my preferences above.

  The blade is made of Japanfs highest ranked Carbon Steel gAogami Super (Blue Super Steel)h sandwiched with soft stainless steel. HRC64 to 65.

  The 3-layered steel blade (Clad) structure supports its core of very hard steel, and offers good strength, durability and easy anti-rust maintenance as well.

  The handle is made of Black Paper Micarta, which creates extra durability and lack of shrinkage in water.

  I believe we would all like to use our own knife for as long as possible. However if you are not satisfied with the knifefs cutting performance and edge retention, you may consider stopping using that particular knife. I believe the Syogeki Aogami Super knives will have a deep impact on and dramatically change your cooking style and cooking time with their superb cutting performance.

  A total of 5 types of new Aogami Super knives are now available and ready to be your long time cooking partners.

                               Edge Shape          Information For Left Hander       


                    Double Bevel Edge 50/50               


  All models are suitable for both Right Hander and Left Hander's use

About Knife Dimensions (Where we measure for the knife ?)
 DI-1 Petty 150mm

 DI-1S  Petty120mm  Cutting edge length: 125mm Total Length: 230mm  Blade Thickness: 1.8mm
Blade Width:26mm
Handle Length:98mm
Total Weight: 72g
$105.00 Available Now



Cutting edge length: 150mm Total Length: 255mm  Blade Thickness: 1.8mm
Blade Width:28mm
Handle Length:98mm
Total Weight: 80g


 Available Now
DI-2 Santoku 175mm


Santoku 175mm 

Cutting edge length: 175mm Total Length: 295mm  Blade Thickness: 2mm
Blade Width: 42mm
Handle Length:118mm
Total Weight: 174g
$150.00  SOLD OUT
DI-3 Nakiri 165mm


Nakiri 165mm

Cutting edge length: 160mm Total Length: 290mm  Blade Thickness: 2mm
Blade Width: 45mm
Handle Length:118mm
Total Weight: 185g


Available Now
 DI-4 Gyuto 210mm

 DI-4S  Gyuto 180mm  Cutting edge length: 180mm Total Length: 305mm  Blade Thickness: 2mm
Blade Width: 43mm
Handle Length:118mm
Total Weight: 164g
 $140.00 Available Now


Gyuo 210mm

Cutting edge length: 215mm Total Length: 335mm  Blade Thickness: 2mm
Blade Width: 46mm
Handle Length:118mm
Total Weight: 182g


DI-5   Gyuto 240mm Cutting edge length: 245mm Total Length: 375mm  Blade Thickness: 2.2mm
Blade Width: 50mm
Handle Length:122mm
Total Weight: 258g
$210.00 SOLD OUT


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