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ΠBlue Moon

  As you may already know, there are several places in Japan known for fine knife making.

  One is our location, Seki City, the most famous knife-making city in Japan. Seki City has been producing a variety of cutlery including Japanese swords, kitchen knives, pocket knives, hunting knives and many others throughout its history. Among kitchen knives, Seki City is especially renowned for making professional quality Western Style knives such as Petty, Santoku, Gyuto and Sujihiki combining modern technology and craftsmenfs exquisite hand making skills and techniques. To give one example, the Hattori FH Series, JCK Original KAGAYAKI and Misono items are all from Seki City, and are among our highly recommended top quality Western Style Knives.

  Sakai City, Osaka is another famous place for making Japanese Traditional style knives such as Yanagiba, Usuba and Deba (single bevel edge knives). Each of these traditional knives is crafted through a hammer forging process and requires much of the craftsmenfs time and skill to make. We are especially impressed with their outstanding skill during the sharpening process (using a Water Wheel Whetstone). Japanese traditional style knives made in Sakai City are
the tool of choice of professional Sushi chefs who demand extra high cutting performance in preparing fresh Sashimi and Sushi.

  Our recommended products from Sakai City, Osaka are the Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan Hon Kasumi Series. Mizuno Tanrenjo

  Takefu City in Fukui Prefecture also has a long tradition of knife making and Takefu is famous for traditional hammer-forged knives called gEchizen Uchihamonoh.

  Takefu City is getting a lot of attention today for its knife making. The Takefu Knife Association is making a lot of effort to have been many passionate young forge-smiths coming to Takefu to master the craft of traditional forged knives.  

  These are our recommended knives from Takefu City: the Kagayaki Aogami Super Custom Damascus Wa Series, Mr. Itou  R-2 Custom Damascus Series, Takeshi Saji Unique Custom Knife Collections by Takeshi Saji who is popular forge-smith from Takefu city.

  Finally, Sanjo City in Niigata is also famous for its traditional hammer forging and knife making. The techniques and skills seen in the forging process are most highly recognized and the very talented special forge-smiths in Sanjo City have produced fine masterpieces of unattainable level. One example is the Tsukasa Hinoura Custom Knife Collection.

  Today we present these new traditional hammer forged knives from Sanjo City.

  The brand name of these new knives is Blue Moon (Œ= SEIGETSU).

  Repeated traditional hammer forging and fine hand sharpening combine to achieve the unique Japanese taste of the Tsuchime Black forged (Kurouchi) Blade. Blue Steel #2 core is sandwiched with soft stainless steel for easy maintenance.

 The unique Tsuchime dimples and dark color blade surface look like the Moon and its Craters. Each knife has a unique texture of Craters.

  To reflect the beauty of this Blue Steel #2 Japanese Carbon steel blade with unique Tsuchime Moon-like Texture, we named these these Japanese Traditional Forged knives gBlue Moonh.


  Oval shape of the Chestnut Wooden Handle with Black Resin ferrule (Suitable for both Right and Left Handed users)

 A total of 6 types of unique traditional forged knives will be available in the Blue Moon Series.

  Reasonably priced unique and reliable traditional forged knives are now available from the historical knife city of Sanjo.

                               Edge Shape          Information For Left Hander       


                    Double Bevel Edge 50/50               


  All models are suitable for both Right Hander and Left Hander's use

About Knife Dimensions (Where we measure for the knife ?)
 BM-1 Wa Petty 135mm


 Wa Petty 135mm

Cutting edge length: 140mm Total Length: 255mm  Blade Thickness: 3.4mm
Blade Width:31mm
Handle Length:107mm
Total Weight: 78g


 Available Now
 BM-1 Wa Petty 135mm (Chestnut wood handle)


 Wa Petty 135mm

Cutting edge length: 140mm Total Length: 255mm  Blade Thickness: 3.4mm
Blade Width:31mm
Handle Length:107mm
Total Weight: 80g


 Available Now
 BM-2 Wa Petty 165mm (Chestnut wood handle)


 Wa Petty 165mm

Cutting edge length: 170mm Total Length: 305mm  Blade Thickness: 3.6mm
Blade Width:38mm
Handle Length:124mm
Total Weight: 127g


 Available Now
 BM-1A Ajikiri 105mm (Chestnut wood handle)


 Ajikiri 105mm

Cutting edge length: 105mm Total Length: 220mm  Blade Thickness: 3.4mm
Blade Width:36mm
Handle Length:105mm
Total Weight: 75g


 Available Now
 BM-3 Wa Santoku170mm (Chestnut wood handle)


 Wa Santoku 170mm

Cutting edge length: 170mm Total Length: 305mm  Blade Thickness: 4.6mm
Blade Width:50mm
Handle Length:124mm
Total Weight: 136g


Available Now
BM-4 Nakiri 165mm (Chestnut wood handle)


Nakiri 165mm 

Cutting edge length: 160mm Total Length: 305mm  Blade Thickness: 5mm
Blade Width: 50mm
Handle Length:124mm
Total Weight: 160g
$84.00 Available Now
BM-5 Wa Gyuto 210mm (Chestnut wood handle)


Wa Gyuto210mm

Cutting edge length: 215mm Total Length: 360mm  Blade Thickness: 5mm
Blade Width: 48mm
Handle Length:136mm
Total Weight: 181g


Available Now


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