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Kitchen Knife Case | KC-02

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Very fancy and stylish design of kitchen knife case for Pro Chef and people who needs to carry own knives to cooking school or working place.

Gorgeous and luxury looking of surface are made of moss green color of high quality synthetic leather. For your security, knife case has two of lock and two keys.

Inside of box, you can store 10 Pcs. of kitchen knives and sharpening steel. Silver colored velvet flocks with floral pattern are so fashionable and cushionable enough for your precious knives.

There are two types. One is for storing the Western Style Knives such as Paring, Petty, Santoku, Gyuto, Sujihiki and Western Deba. Another one is for storing Japanese Traditional Style Knives such as Yanagiba, Usuba, Deba.


Knife Case Dimension
W570 × H280 × D90



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