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SHIKI 新風 New World Series

Talented artisan and knife designer, Mr. Masui, recently produced another collection of his innovative knives. His ideas and products are always impressive and because they are very different from knives produced by other companies and craftsmen we are always keen to see his new produce.

His new SHIKI Tsuchime (“Hammered Pattern”) Texture VG-10 Damascus Series (HRc. 60-61) have a special mirror polished blade and hand contoured Moabi wood (‘African Pear wood’) handle scales.

Mr. Masui explained that the twinkling Tsuchime ‘eyes’ and the special glossy mirror polished blade are not only for looks, since these features also have some practical advantages. After the special mirror polishing process has been completed, the surface texture of the blade is smoother and has less surface area for moisture to collect and corrode the blade; so it is not only attractive, but also more sanitary. Similarly, the combination of the slick mirror finished blade and the surface texture of the unique Tsuchime dimples significantly reduces the chance that food will stick to the blade.

To match the impressive and unique appearance of the mirror polished Tsuchime Damascus blade, Mr. Masui decided to use Moabi wood (‘African Pearwood’) for the handle scales. It is a warm-colored wood that often displays attractive figuring. The handle and the seamless stainless steel bolsters are contoured and polished by hand so that they are comfortable to grip and are nicely accented by a decorative mosaic pin and a red spacer.

UPDATE: A new version of the knife which features Black Linen Micarta® Handle Scales is also now available. This material is water-resistant, very stable, durable and provides good grip, even when wet.