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JCK Natures Sazanami Series

 “Simple” and “tasteful” are the words that best describe these new Sazanami 漣 VG-10 Damascus Series kitchen knives. The Japanese word “Sazanami” means “small and calm waves” in English. Just as their name suggests, the knives have a simple and stylish layered Damascus pattern. Today, we see many different kinds of Damascus kitchen knives. Some of them have very complex / “Energetic” Damascus patterns, whilst others have much simpler / calmer Damascus layers.

 We believe that many of our customers will find the calm and tasteful appearance of our Sazamani Damascus Series very pleasing, and will enjoy owning and using them.

 Although the appearance of a knife may be important, its sharpness, cutting performance and handling characteristics have a much greater impact during your daily cutting and cooking tasks. Our team of craftsmen are very confident about the performance of these Damascus knives, and we believe that you will also be impressed by their cutting performance. They feature high quality VG-10 Damascus stainless steel blades that are finely ground and sharpened to create a thin blade profile and fine cutting edge, which makes them perfect for precise or detailed cutting tasks. After testing our Sazanami VG-10 Damascus Series knives, one experienced user told us that they had much better edge retention than his other stainless steel knives and that he ranks them among his favorite knives and trusted cooking partners.
We expect many of you will love the style of our Sazanami VG-10 Damascus Series knives, and we are confident that their cutting performance and durable construction will make them a long-lasting and dependable partner during your cooking adventures.
Full tang construction, with stainless steel bolster and comfortable black pakkawood handle.

 A total of 8 different blades are now available for Damascus lovers and serious users who demand superb cutting performance.