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KAGAYAKI VG-10 (ES) Series

 We first launched the JCK Original “KAGAYAKI” brand in the beginning of 2009, when we introduced the “KAGAYAKI Basic Series” of knives. This first series of knives were simple, classically shaped Japanese made Western-style kitchen knives, which we believe met the core JCK values of Quality, Function and Price. Their users range from first-time users of Japanese knives to experienced professionals.

 For the second series of JCK Original “KAGAYAKI” knives, we have closely worked with the master craftsman Mr. Gotou again. We wanted to create an original design, but maintain the excellent quality control and craftsmanship in order to satisfy professional chefs and discerning users.

 Elegant and contemporary, the new KAGAYAKI VG-10 knives are very beautiful and have a graceful balance. They feature an attractive semi-mirror-polished solid VG-10 blade (HRc. 60- 61), a comfortable rounded handle that is made from dark purple-colored Staminawood, and a matching curved nickel silver bolster and rivets. Staminawood is a very durable and water-resistant composite material, which is produced by laminating multiple layers of wood with special resin ingredients and compressing them together. VG-10 is a high performance stainless cutlery steel that is famous for its combination of very good edge sharpness, edge retention, and high corrosion resistance.

 To meet a wide variety of cooking requirements, we offer our KAGAYAKI VG-10 knives in 13 different blade types and sizes.

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