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Kagayaki Aogami Super Custom Damascus Wa Series

 We also receive many requests for knives that feature Japanese traditional-style "Wa" handles, such as the Wa Gyuto, so it has always been our desire to have a wide selection of these knives available to satisfy the demands of our customers.

 Master Yamamoto's custom hammer forging process brings out the maximum potential of the Aogami Super core blade steel (HRc. 63-64), which is clad with a beautiful Damascus laminate, which is made with alternating layers of Aogami Super steel and soft iron.

 Due to the hand forging process, the precise thickness of the tang and spine varies on each model, but the blade consistently tapers towards the tip in order to produce the best cutting performance possible. The knives have a double beveled edge, with a 50/50 symmetrical grind.

 The high quality handles are made with red sandalwood and a black pakkawood ferrule, their comfortable octagonal shape allows a precision grip and provides authentic Japanese styling.

 6 different types and sizes of knife in our KAGAYAKI Aogami Super Custom Damascus Wa Series, including Wa Petty, Wa Gyuto, Wa Santoku, and Nakiri.

 Because this series of knives are custom made, our supply is always limited. Once the items are “Sold Out”, it will take over 90 days before the new batch is available. Due to these circumstances - and despite our best intentions to always keep these items in inventory and available for immediate shipping - please allow some extra time for delivery, as these popular knives often sell out much quicker than we had planned for.

 Important Information about the blade spine thickness on Kagayaki Aogami Super knives. Due to the hammer forging process used by Master Yamamoto, the section of spine nearest to the handle remains thicker than many other knives. However, he carefully hand tapers the blade section of the knives (From the spine down toward the cutting edge, and from the heel towards the tip) in order to produce the best possible cutting performance.

 Important Information About The Care & Maintenance of Aogami Super Custom Damascus Knives
Kagayaki Aogami Super Custom Damascus blades are made with Aogami Super steel and soft iron, which means that it is possible for the entire blade to discolor or rust if they are not properly cared for. Accordingly, we only really recommend them to carbon steel lovers and experienced users who demand knives that possess the extreme sharpness and edge retention of Japanese Hagane, and authentic Japanese style and ‘soul’.