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JCK Natures Konayuki 粉雪 ("Powdered Snow") Series

At present, high quality Japanese kitchen knives featuring Powdered High Speed Tool Steels – such as ZDP-189, Cowry X, HAP-40 and R-2  – are very popular with professional Chefs and serious knife enthusiasts.

Among the various great Japanese Powdered Metallurgy Steels, R-2 has become the favorite steel of many experienced craftsmen and forge smiths because it offers an extremely practical combination of edge holding, edge sharpness, ease of resharpening and corrosion / rust resistance.

Today, we are excited to be adding the new Konayuki 粉雪 (Meaning "Powdered Snow" in English) range of knives to our "JCK Natures"  product brand. Our new Konayuki knives feature an R-2 Powdered Tool Steel blade core (HRc. 61-62) and outer layers of beautiful Nickel Stainless Damascus. The vivid, wave-like layers of silver-white Nickel Steel and bright Stainless Steel make the attractive Vortex-pattern Damascus sparkle and shine, like powdered snow in the winter sunlight.

To accommodate customers who have larger hands than most Japanese people, the handles our Konayuki knives have slightly larger dimensions than typical Japanese kitchen knives and are therefore slightly heavier. Stylish and durable, the Black Pakka wood handles are available with either Red stripes or Green stripes – whichever you prefer – and they have a special hand-contoured shape that ensures a comfortable, secure grip. Pakka wood is a resin-impregnated composite material that is virtually waterproof and resistant to shrinkage, which makes it an ideal material for kitchen knife handles. Our Konayuki knives also feature a forged stainless steel bolster and metal butt plate / cap for improved durability, comfort and blade balance.

In this cold Winter season, our new Konayuki 粉雪 knives will shine brightly in your kitchen and offer you outstanding performance! 

A total of five different blade styles are currently available, including Petty, Santoku and 3 different sizes of Gyuto!