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The Yanagiba knife is the most popular blade type amongst our range of single bevel edged Japanese traditional-style knives.
In the past, we have introduced and sold Japanese traditional-style knives from several of Japan’s leading brands, including Masamoto and Mizuno Tanrenjo. As Japanese foods, especially Sushi, have become increasingly popular in overseas countries, we have seen a rise in demand for both the knives commonly used by Sushi Chefs, and other forms of traditional Japanese knife. Once people have used Japanese knives, they appreciate their amazing cutting performance, and are keen to use them when preparing Western food as well.
We have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers about Japanese traditional-style knives, and also many questions about them. After years of searching to find the most suitable Japanese traditional-style knives for our overseas professional users and knife enthusiasts, we have finally found a highly talented team of craftsmen in Sakai City, Osaka, which is famous for long history of knife production. These special craftsmen produce a range of Japanese traditional-style knives for professional Sushi chefs, which can only be described as masterpieces. We were very impressed with their work ethic, which is to continually refine and perfect their craftsmanship and to only produce knives of the very finest quality. They take exceptional care to ensure that every single detail of their knives is correct, from the initial forging to the final sharpening, the fit and finish of these knives is outstanding.
We decided that we would work directly with this highly skilled team of craftsmen to make our Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan Special Order Made Yanagiba Series. This enables us to offer you a wide choice of customizable options at the best possible price. We are very proud to offer you these knives and are ready to accept you special order requests, so that you can create your very own dream Yanagiba!
1.You can choose to have your Special Order Made Yanagiba knife made using any of the following steels and construction methods / blade finishes:
• White Steel No.2 Hon Kasumi (“True Mist” hand-made finish)
• White Steel No.1 Hon Kasumi (“True Mist” hand-made finish)
• Blue Steel No.2 Hon Kasumi (“True Mist” hand-made finish)
• Blue Steel No.1 Hon Kasumi (“True Mist” hand-made finish)
• Blue Steel No.2 Suminagashi (Damascus)
• Blue Steel No.1 Suminagashi (Damascus)
2. You can choose your favorite style of handle:
• D-shaped magnolia wood handle
• Octagonal magnolia wood handle
• Octagonal ebony wood handle
Octagonal quince wood handle
3. You can also choose to have these optional (Not required) levels of mirror polish:
• Mirror polished on the face-side / bevel-side of the blade only
• Mirror polished on the both sides of the blade
4. Special Order Options - If you have any specific requests or preferences for your dream Yanagiba, we can usually accommodate them, and are happy to do so. We understand that many experienced users will have their own preferences, and occasionally receive special requests for the following custom features:
• Slightly thinner (Or thicker) blade than the standard models
• Slightly narrower (Or wider) blade width than the standard models
(Please expect an average of 4 to 8 weeks for the production and delivery of your for your special order Yanagiba knife.)
This 100% custom order service allows you to create your own unique, ‘one-of-a-kind’, dream Yanagiba. We are very proud to introduce our Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan Special Order Yanagiba knife service and are very happy to accommodate customers who would like specify their own custom dimensions.