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   gSUKENARIh was founded in the year 1933 by Master Hanyaki Toukichi after working for Japanese famous sushi knife maker Masamoto and mastering the traditional way of forging and knife making process.

   Sukenari is located in Toyama prefecture, in the center of Japan and Sukenari knives are popular and well known among professional Japanese chefs in the area.

   Sukenarifs business style is very practical and very proactive, which is impressive. They make the knives and sell them directly to Japanese chefs (by visiting and showing them the products each time.) This was the first and original way of selling in any industry, yet, we are impressed to find that the craftsmen and forge-smiths are also in charge of sales.

   When they sell directly to professional chefs, they receive valuable feedback directly from them. They carefully listen to each advice or complaint from professionals and they improve their products and quality. They have continued and repeated this effort for over 80 years since starting the business.

3rd generation Master Hanaki
Honyaki Master

   Time has passed and currently second generation and third generation of Master Hanaki experienced craftsmen are working with the same proactive attitude to keep Japanfs traditional and original way of knife forging and making. On the other hand, Sukenari also never forgets the challenge spirit. Sukenari is innovative and eager to use new and attractive steels and make a wide variety of sensational Japanese traditional style knives.

   We are glad to introduce another fine Japanese forge-smith and more of fine Japanese traditional style knives.

   Hon Kasumi White Steel No.2 Series

Blade Material White Steel No.2
Blade Kinds  Yanagiba, Takohiki, Usuba, Kama Usuba, Wa Paring, Mukimono, Kiritsuke,
Deba, Mioroshi Deba

 Edge Shape Single Bevel Edge 
HRC   62 to 63

Hon Kasumi Blue Steel No.2 Series

Blade Material Blue Steel No.2
Blade Kinds  Yanagiba, Takohiki, Usuba, Kama Usuba, Kiritsuke, Deba, Mioroshi Deba
 Edge Shape Single Bevel Edge 
HRC   63

UP!! April 15th Just Arrived !!
Gingami No.3 Nickel Damascus Wa Series
ZDP-189 Nickel Damascus Wa Gyuto

Shirogami No.1 Honyaki, ZDP-4, Super X,
Aogami Super VG-10, Gingami No.3, ZDP189

Blade Material Super X Yanagiba,
ZDP-4 Yanagiba,
VG-10 Yanagiba,
Aogami Super Yanagiba
Shirogami No.1 Honyaki Yanagiba, Wa Gyuto, Etc.
ZDP189 Damascus Wa Gyuto
VG10 Damascus Wa Gyuto
HRC  Super X Yanagiba (65),
ZDP-4 Yanagiba (64 to 65),
VG-10 Yanagiba (62 to 63),
AogamiSuper Yanagiba (64)
Shirogami No.1 Honyaki (64)
ZDP189 Damascus (66 to 67)
VG10 Damascus (62)

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